The Adventures Of Binkleman The Brave

In memory of my dear little kitten Cougar who was nearly 2monthes old when he sadly passed away. Also in memory of the main character in this book. My sweet little Binx who became my first little black cat and died a while back now.

This book is dedicated to my boy Nathan who I finally got back because what happens in '!No Nathanial No!' really happened. I miss Cougar & Binx but at least I still got my dear Nathanial.

Hope you enjoy then, this may seem stupid to some but I promised Binx I would finish all the series and so here they are.



8. Escape Route

Over the days, weeks, maybe even a month, I have got to know this girl a great deal. But as soon as I find a way out of this house, I'm taking it. I overheard them talking and it's been 4 months. I should be nearly as big as my mum by now, but I'm still a tiny kitten. I'm no longer a kitten and just wish I would shoot up a little. She bought me a red collar with a red bell on it. Whenever I run a bell sound chases me everywhere. I don't have a clue where it's coming from but she knows when I'm sneaking up on her thanks to it. You know something? Since I got that crafty, cute, little collar from her I have heard bell sounds and so my conclusion after weeks of the annoying sound I have grown to like, is that it's coming from the bell on my collar. Hence a bell sound. !Meow! Dinner has arrived. I got a big chicken leg all to myself and more lovely, creamy, white milk. I got to love and admire her though. She's done a lot for me, but I must find my brother's because they don't know that a white beast ate our mum. I miss Coraline. The door never seems to be left open. They are so careful as to not let me out. They call me a house cat. Not even a window is left unguarded. No cat flap either, whatever one of them is. I've heard it's some kind of tiny door within a door for cats like me. A few more weeks went by and on a busy school day my chance came about. As Jess was rushing around yelling at her mother "I'm going to be late"! she didn't see me slip out the crack open in the door. As she got in a red car with her mum I continued up the pavement. Always going forward to get as far away as possible. Nothing could stop me finding my brother's now. One day I will return to Jess but it's family before friends. So off I went on my next journey, and I had a feeling this would be my longest journey ever.

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