The Adventures Of Binkleman The Brave

In memory of my dear little kitten Cougar who was nearly 2monthes old when he sadly passed away. Also in memory of the main character in this book. My sweet little Binx who became my first little black cat and died a while back now.

This book is dedicated to my boy Nathan who I finally got back because what happens in '!No Nathanial No!' really happened. I miss Cougar & Binx but at least I still got my dear Nathanial.

Hope you enjoy then, this may seem stupid to some but I promised Binx I would finish all the series and so here they are.



12. Chief's Secret

I awoke to a rustle of movement as I shot both eyes quickly open to full extent. Chief was leaving and after a quick think about last time I sneaked out my mum and brother got eaten. I decided to sneak after him considering there was no way he would let me follow him, considering he clearly has everything against me. Perhaps it's because I'm so titchy. Anyway I followed him out of the now dark storage room. Obviously one of the cats turned the light off by yet again plummeting themselves full pelt at a wall. It must hurt and I know for sure I ain't ever going on light duty. As we left the storage room I felt the sudden cold breeze chill me to the bone as it ruffled my fur up. As we walked on for quite a while he began talking to himself in a rather cheerful sought of voice for such an aggressive looking cat. "Ahhhh I love my lovely late night walks all by myself". He then looked suddenly down at me and said with a slight anger in his tone "I'm not stupid you know". This anger was covered up with a smile though. "There's no need to hide from me Binx, I like company on my walks, I don't normally get it you know". I looked up at him from where I was crouched and trying to blend in with the pavement. I said with a shudder "I'm sorry if I startled you but I wanted to make sure you didn't get eaten by the white monster like my mum and brother did". A tear brimmed my right eye as I spoke with another shudder which was this time caused by the wind suddenly attacking my fur viciously. He then gave a short but irritating laugh after I finished talking which rather annoyed me. I was about to have a go at him when he suddenly said with a slight laugh "you silly boy, you silly little boy! That apparent monster has eaten me before and I lived, it's a mode of transport for humans, the white one you refer to is one in a million types of car, well van in the white monsters case. Your mum and brother have been taken to pound, I know this because I saw them both alive, Cougar didn't believe me, a little girl pressed the big red emergency button on the wall outside the cages, our doors flung open and all animals got away, including me, your mum and your brother. I didn't know them then and so they went separate ways and I haven't seen them since. So there you have it your mum's fine. I gave a happy meow and then said with excitement "your not just telling me this to cheer me up are you?" If cats claws could cross then I would be doing it and he replied happily with "yes my son, there fine as far as I know, I mean you can't get caught twice, although I did. It was after I was caught that all these injury's happened, I will tell you now shall I?" I was about to reply when suddenly I saw a big orange creature on all fours like me with a bushy white tipped tail. Chief arched his back and hissed at it and it went all skittish and darted away. With a flick of it's bushy tail, it was gone. "What was that thing?" I questioned. He told me it was a fox and they were more scared of us than we were of them. Apparently you should never corner one as it will attack you and you will be worse off. "now then where was I?" Chief asked me. I replied with "Oh, um, you were about to tell me about how you ended up like you are now". He smiled then in a stern voice he said with a sudden shout "well then boy, do you want to know or not?" I jumped suddenly and said quickly "Oh, um, yeah I guess". He then cleared his throat as if getting ready for an important speech, sat down, flicking his tail neatly around himself. He coughed then put on a proud, important voice and began to tell his story. "Well my son, the second time I got caught I was adopted by a rich family who used to buy me everything I ever wanted and brush me everyday because long fur needed a brush 3 times a day to stay neat and silky, otherwise it ends up like this". He scratched his ear with his front left paw and continued with his speech. "They even used to bath me once a week to keep me all nice and clean, they let me out everyday for my nice free roaming time. One day though I wanted to night roam like I did when I was feral, so I stayed out all day sleeping up on a wall a few blocks away from home. As It got dark I began to explore in the dark. I couldn't see much as my eyes adjusted but I preferred it to daylight as it was peaceful and no snooty posh cats were out now. I was clast as a Ragdoll cat apparently, my dad was a Ragdoll, my mum on the other hand was just a normal black cat like you, apart from the tabby effect of course, she was proper black cat. Anyway I bumped into a rough gang and they attack posh cat's you see, me looking like a posh expensive Ragdoll and smelling so nice they found me easily. They started pushing me around so I began to fight for my life as they started ripping away at me. They ripped most of my ear off as you can see, then one clawed my eye out. The squealing was so loud it caught the attention of a big shaggy stray black dog that grabbed me. It savagely attacked my side. My side got ripped open but I clawed the dog on the nose making it let go for a second. As I ran for my life it grabbed my leg and started savagely ripping away at it, literally tearing it apart. I turned round in pain clawing it in both eyes, blinding it. It fled yelping. I dragged myself all the way to a neighbours house and collapsed on there doorstep. They had heard the commotion and so opened the door, found me drenched in my own blood, half dead. They rushed to my owners house and they quickly put me in a box and drove me to the vets. As it was night they had to call out a vet. The vet gave me a pain killer, put me on a blood machine, and put me to sleep a while. When I woke up very weak and shaken I was bald all down my side and stitched the whole way along that side. My ear was cleaned. I could not see  through my brown eye. I was blinded there as you probably can see. They then had to amputate my entire back foot off as it was so badly mangled". I relied with "so how did you get the robot foot?" He then continued the story ever more. "Well my owners were rich, remember me saying that. Anyway after I fully healed up and my fur had grown mostly back they decided to take me to a strange lab after a long plane journey, this lab had loads of animals being tortured and tested in it. I thought they were going to leave me there for a second but I got stabbed in the back leg then black out, next time I awoke I was in the plane again with a robotic foot. It even moves like a real foot. See". He then wiggled the paws on it. "No claws in this though, not really much use with no dangerous claws as sharp as knives now are they". I then said "So why are you so shaggy looking as if they don't brush you any more?" He then said with a sigh "because they don't, people kept commenting about me and how they had wasted money on making there cat so imperfect, they should of apparently left me to die according to them. Posh people only care about looks and money. So while I was out on my morning walk because night walks were very off putting now. But any ways, my owners packed there bags and fled before I got home. They deserted me and then I went to find a new home and then bumped into Cougar and his little gang of 2 so I became his third". I then asked yet another question. "So how come you do night walks now?" He gave another sigh but it sounded more satisfying this time. "Well now I'm so shabby looking and smelling, those horrible brutes don't attack me no more, you see they only wipe out those posh cats, trust me I was tempted to make my own group against posh cats once, but then I remember how much pain I went through thanks to those stupid cats! So now I can go on night walks is what I'm trying to say. Now my son any more questions or can we go home?" I relied with "yeah one more". Chief smiled and said "oh go on then ask away my son". I then smiled back and said "why do you keep calling me your son?" He smiled then let out a sharp laugh. "Oh you silly boy, I call everyone younger than me my son, if there boys of course. For all I know you could be my son, but lets just leave it at friends, I don't want you going all farther and son on me ok. I like to keep to myself a lot of the time". "oh ok then" I meowed happily and gave a little high pitched mew of laughter. "Now come on boy, lets go home before we catch a cold out in this blasted breeze". I smiled and relied with "Oh ok, lead the way Chief". We were definitely friends now, the kind of close friends, he's right as well, he could be my dad as I never knew my dad and my mum never told me or showed me my dad. It would be so cool if he was my dad. When we finally got home he let me cuddle up with him. His metal leg was cold on my little padded feet, but I didn't mind as I now had a new friend.

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