Don't Read My Diary!!!

My diary exposed, all my crushes, lovers, personal life exposed


2. Tuesday 9th September

Oh my God, I actually can't believe it, my best friend Becky kissed Johnny today and that's a problem because Johnny's my biggest crush, now I am a emotional reck. So I told Becky straight I wasn't happy with her, so we had the biggest argument ever! And Johnny was all like 'Girls chill, I know I am irrasistable' and then i was just like 'what the heck dude, don't say that...' And then we had an argument then i was getting all hot and stressed. And then I just was like 'Orite okayy so am i just like invisable now' because they have been ignoring me. Apart from that, My new fave TV program has started (#WooHoo!!!) Its called Daria, Also OMG my school whent on fire (yayyyy) so now we have 3 weeks of school (#YAYYYYYY) so am going to call that a day, you know like i do ;) so i will rewrite tommorrow x

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