Another World (Ariana Grande/Harry Styles love story)

She has it all. The fame, the fortune.
He has it all. The fame, the fortune.
But, they both have something missing in their lives.
Join Ariana Grande and Harry Styles on their roller coaster relationship.


1. The Grammys

"Ariana, Ariana wake up!" someone whispered. *GROAN*. "I don't wanna." "Ok then, I'll call the Grammys director then and tell him that Miss Grande can't make it." "MOM! Ok, ok, I'm getting up." she smiled. I ran to the bathroom, stripped down and hopped in the shower. I turned the hot water on even more, so the hot water felt nice on my cold skin. I turned the water off, and put on my pink fluffy bathrobe. *I'll start on my makeup.* I thought. I took out my makeup bag from under the sink, and pulled out baby pink lipstick, skin coloured blusher, foundation, pink eyeshadow and mascara. I put my makeup on. *Hair now.* I thought. I tied my hair in a high ponytail, and curled just the ends. I smiled to my dazzling face on the mirror. I ran back to my room and into my massive wardrobe. I pulled on an ankle length baby pink dress, gold heels, and my gold clutch. *Do I need jewellery?* I thought. I settled on my $1000 pink crystal necklace. *I look good!* I thought. I checked the clock: 3:00pm. I went down to the kitchen, and made myself a bowl of ice cream. "Mom!" I called, "I'll get going now!" "Sure, hon. Have fun!" and with that, I skipped out the door to my awaiting pink limousine.
An hour later, I pull up at the venue. The driver opens the limo door, and I smile at all the screaming fans. I walked down the red carpet, stopping to get autographs and have pictures taken. Suddenly, I heard someone scream my name. "ARIANA!" I turn around and scream back. "ELLIE!" I was Ellie Goulding. I hadn't seen her in ages! "Oh my gosh!" she said in her pretty British accent, "It's been ages!" "I know!" she took the end of my hair in her hand. "When did this happen?" "You know, couple years ago." "Wow, have I really been away that long?" she laughed. I laughed back. "Anyway, wanna go get our seats?" "Sure!" and we went inside and took our seats. The director was in a frenzy. " Ah, Mizz Grande, Mizz Goulding. Youze are finally 'ere. It took Youze long enouz. (I'm just pretending that the director is French). "Sorry, Mr Director." I said. He gave a smile. "Wi wi, it iz alright." he ran off to take Cher Lloyd to her seat. I had ten minutes before the Grammys started, so I took out my phone and checked twitter. I decided to post a tweet. @ArianaGrandeOfficial: "Hey everyone, at the Grammys right now, and so excited! Hoping to win an award tonight. :p." I smiled at all the replies. "Ladies and gentlemen." it's starting. I quickly turned off my phone. "Welcome to the 11th annual Grammys! I am your host, Simon Cowell." Blah blah blah. "And now, presenting the award for best band of the year, please come up to the stage, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande!!!" I stood up and walked to the stage. I smiled at Simon. "Good evening, everyone. I'm Ariana Gra-" "And I'm Bruno Mars!!!!" everyone laughed, including me. "Oops, sorry, Ari!" "Haha, it's ok. So, as you all know, Bruno and I are presenting the award for best band of the year. And the nominees are:" "The Wanted, One Direction, Good Charlotte and Little Mix." said Bruno. "And without further ado, the winner of The Best Band Of The Year award goes to..." I opened the envelope. "ONE DIRECTION!!!" Bruno and I cried out.
I saw a group of five guys stand up. They were all smiling. I guess they were One Direction. I'd never really listened to their music before. The only song I'd heard was 'You don't know you're beautiful', wait no that's not it...'What makes you beautiful'. That's right. I handed the award to a gorgeous guy with dazzling green eyes and lovely brown curls. Oh wow. "Thanks love." he said with a smile. "I-it's ok." I said back. He smiled at me. "I'd just like to thanks everyone who voted for us, said his friend, also in the band. I kinda zoned out on their speech. I went back to my seat. Finally, it was time to leave. I had picked up two awards tonight, which I was very grateful for. I got home and went to bed. Suddenly, a new notification from twitter appeared on my phone. It read: @Harrystylesofficial: Good job tonight love. Any chance I could grab your number?" I smiled and tweeted him my number. Then I went to sleep.

A/N: first chapter of the fanfic, who likey? Me sure do! Lol.
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