Another World (Ariana Grande/Harry Styles love story)

She has it all. The fame, the fortune.
He has it all. The fame, the fortune.
But, they both have something missing in their lives.
Join Ariana Grande and Harry Styles on their roller coaster relationship.


2. Meeting Up

"Harry, bro, please take a chill pill! We've been over this! Ariana Grande is going out with Channing Tatum!" "Zayn, not in the best mood." "Pfft, think we can tell that already." "ARRRGGGHH!" and with that, I jumped on Zayn and well, beat him up.
"ARIANA! GET IN THIS BED RIGHT NOW!" I burst into tears. Channing did this everyday to me. And I had no choice to obey. If I ran away, he'd find me and kill me. If I broke up with him, he'd come back and probably kill me. If I told someone, he would kill me. Yes, he actually told me that. "ARIANA I'M GONNA COUNT TO THREE. AND IF YOU ARE NOT UP HERE ON 3, I WILL RAPE YOU SO HARD." I ran upstairs. "Good girl." and with that, he undressed me and himself, and did 'it'. I screamed and I cried, but nothing. I was gonna have to tell him. "Channing, I'm breaking up with you." "WHAT?!?!" he screamed. "Only because...because....I don't think I'm a good enough girlfriend for you." "Well, you are. So lay back down on that bed right now and-" "NO! I have had ENOUGH. I'm tired of u doing this to me! Get out of my house, forever!! I pushes him out the door and locked it. I decided what I should do until my mom comes home. *I'll text Harry.* I thought.
Ariana.G: Hey!
Almost immediately he replied. I like that.
Harry.S: Hi babe, wd?
He called me babe?
Ariana.G: Nm. Just wondering, wanna go grab some froyo or something?
Harry.S: Froyo? What's that?
Ariana.G: Oh sorry, us Americans say froyo instead of frozen Youghurt.
Harry.S: Oh! Ok, haha, yep, sounds good! What time?
Ariana.G: Bout half hour?
Harry.S: Sure. C u there.
I quickly put my phone down and went to get ready. I put on some natural colored makeup and straightened my hair and left it down. I skipped back to my room and put on a grey and line green Miss Understood t-shirt and my white skirt. I finished the outfit with some lime green ballet flats and my black and white striped purse. I also put on my charm bracelet my dad gave me the day he died.... It pains me to think about it. I went downstairs to the garage and drove to the froyo place in my bright pink mini cooper.
I walk into the shop 'Icey Delights' and sit at a table tucked away in the corner. I see a beautiful girl come in. It's her. I wave and call out "Over here!" she spots me, smiles and sits in front of me. "Hi!" she says. "Hello." I say back. "You look very pretty today, Ari. Do you mind if I call you that?" she giggles. "No, Ari's fine. So, what flavour do you want?" "I'll have whatever flavour you're getting." again, she giggles. "Oh, no Harry. I'm just getting boring old low fat vanilla. Nothing special. I'm sticking to a strict diet right now." the waitress comes over to our table and immediately spots Harry. "OMG! You're, you're.." "Yes, I'm Harry Styles." "What can I get for you? I promise, half price on everything!" "Well, I'll get one low fat vanilla, and one choc chip cookie dough." "Wow, Harry, someone's hungry!" "Erm, no, the vanilla one is for Ariana here." she waves at the waitress. "Hi!" the waitress just glares at her. She smiles back at me and says "Your orders will be with you very shortly." as soon as the waitress leaves, Ariana just bursts into tears. I go sit beside her. "Oh my gosh Ariana are you okay?" she shakes her head and sobs. "I-it's just t-that, m-my b-b-boyfriend raped me everyday, and the look the waitress gave me, l-life's not w-worth living for m-me, you know?" I hug her tight. "Don't worry, babe, if you need anything, I'm here for you." she smiles. Then, she leans in and kisses me, on the lips. "Oh I'm so sorry, it's just that you were being so nice to me and-" I lean in and kiss her. She smiles during the kiss. "I-I really like you Harry." "And I LOVE you, Ari."

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