Wolf Spotting

'The snow crunched under my paws as i ran with the pack, my gallop was lope-sided as i wobbled on my new, strong legs. My neck throbbed as i ran, the wolf bite that i had encountered just a few days before pulsed on my ruff. The transformation was excruciating, bone popping and blood quickening. From human to wolf was a painful shift, my limbs had to lengthen, my jaw extend, teeth sharpen and fur sprout. The animal i had become was a wild and dangerous creature unable to be tamed'.


3. White Delight

11th November-Canada


Looking out my window as i saw the pack running along the forest border, chasing each other through the trees, yapping at each others legs and tails. I grabbed my blue thermal jacket and my woolly gloves and made my way out. I was half way out the door when my mums voice echoed out from the hall. "Cami!" I huffed and nearly sprinted out the door. Mum was unhappy about me spending so much time in the cold and believed chores and arrangements with family members would take my mind off the Gelu pack. "Cami! You forgot your camera, hun". I smiled and grabbed my camera from mum and gave her a quick hug before i left. She shouted after me "Cami be careful out there! Your only 15!". I started out up the snowy hill and breathed out the fresh air, blowing white clouds of cold air. Snow started to falling when i got to my spying place and stomped the snow to make a flat surface to sit on. I looked for the wolves but there presence was long gone. There paw prints zigzagged through the forest and i decided to track them.


I got to the forest and everything seemed silent as i stepped through the tangle of trees.. Brambles caught on my waterproof trousers and twigs hanging like claws from giant oak branches snagged in my hair. Paw prints arched through the bushes and led me further and further into the forest. The rushing of water filled my ears and the trees finally broke to reveal a small spring running through the underbush, brambles and sticks lining the bank dipping into the icy water. I jumped across the spring and saw a flash of white fur through the trees. I turned and there she stood, the white she-wolf. I knew she was a female because her structure was smaller than the male wolves in the Gelu pack. Also her mane was soft and patted down whether a males would be bristly and ruffled. Although her small build she seemed strong and a warrior and frightened me slightly. I was drawn towards her and moved slightly, making the snow crunch. I got down on my knees and reached out, nearly face to face with the wolf. She whistled quietly through her nose and nudged my hand with her head. I stroked her ears and felt the cold snow melting onto her neck and head. She had shiny black eyes with a very thin blue ring around the pupil that sparkled like the bed of snow crystal surrounding us. She seemed friendly and as i closed my eyes letting the snow fall on my face and melt like tear drops around my eyes. She growled slightly and my eyes flew open. She seemed suddenly agitated and i looked around to see the cause. The Gelu pack surrounded us in a circle brushing each others shoulders as they stood in unison. The she-wolf seemed upset at there presence and surprise hit me. I believed she had joined the pack but she had obviously been stalking the woods these couple of days. They growled at us and the she-wolf pelted for the trees, her shadow gone in a flash. 

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