Wolf Spotting

'The snow crunched under my paws as i ran with the pack, my gallop was lope-sided as i wobbled on my new, strong legs. My neck throbbed as i ran, the wolf bite that i had encountered just a few days before pulsed on my ruff. The transformation was excruciating, bone popping and blood quickening. From human to wolf was a painful shift, my limbs had to lengthen, my jaw extend, teeth sharpen and fur sprout. The animal i had become was a wild and dangerous creature unable to be tamed'.


2. Canadian Girl

10th November, 2005 - Canada 


I had been Canis Lupus (wolf) spotting for years. Today i saw a white wolf, a very rare sight, that trotted along the forest border, kicking up the snow with its paws. The fur was as white as the snow but the tail was spotted with peri-winkle grey that looked like small hailstones had stained the soft fur. The sight was rare in Canada, the land of the grey wolves, but this wolf looked like it was part of the harsh, icy environment. Its eyes were as black as a ravens wing and looked curious and inquisitive. The wolf had spotted me from my hiding place; a very small, low hill that i sat on everyday and sometimes laid on when i thought the wolves had spotted me and were disturbed by my presence. The snow was soft and crumbly and molded to my body shape. Though the air was cold and the ground hard, i could not feel winters icy hands pricking at my face and only felt the warm sunshine that made the snow glitter and the trees open slightly with a sigh of relief. Though slightly intimidated by the wolf, it fascinated me and i hungrily fed from the information the appearance of the wolf gave off. The fur looked softer than the Gelu pack's  (as i called them because it meant frost in Latin) and the mouth was decorated with many whiskers and ruffled clumps of fur. 


When i got home my hands were nearly blue and my finger tips were purple. The wolf spotting had caught my attention more than it normally did and my mother was worried when i didn't come home at the normal time. I went to my room and checked my camera that had frost on the lens because of the cold snow that had started to fall on my trek home. The picture i took of the wolf was frightening almost. Its eyes were shining and fangs overlapped the bottom lip showing large white canines. 

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