Wolf Spotting

'The snow crunched under my paws as i ran with the pack, my gallop was lope-sided as i wobbled on my new, strong legs. My neck throbbed as i ran, the wolf bite that i had encountered just a few days before pulsed on my ruff. The transformation was excruciating, bone popping and blood quickening. From human to wolf was a painful shift, my limbs had to lengthen, my jaw extend, teeth sharpen and fur sprout. The animal i had become was a wild and dangerous creature unable to be tamed'.


1. Violent delights have Violent ends

These violent delights have violent ends 
And in their triumph, die, like fire and powder 
Which, as they kiss, consume. - Bella, New moon. 


My heart stopped for a second as i ran through the trees, my ears twitching as the forest came alive and filled my ears with the rustling of leaves, the howling of creatures scurrying in the night and the rushing of icy water lapping at the banks. The pack stopped to lap at the small spring running through the woods and i joined them timidly as they watched me with suspicious glares. They had watched my transformation from the trees and ran as i made my way towards them, a whimper escaping my lips as they galloped ahead. I felt helpless, the snow cutting like daggers through my paws and the icy wind running shivers down my spine. The wolves seemed to be suspicious of me the glares thrown at me only tightly packed my suspicion in my head.


I had whimpered many times before they noticed my body flailing on the cold ground, as the transformation took place. I thought i could will it on by thinking about my human life, the actions that took place to walk, to run......but the rush of the shift had struck in mid gallop and now i buckled in pain. The transformation was normally a violent delight but now it was a violent death. These violent delights have violent ends. 

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