A poem I entered into a competition at my school. I had to write about stars. I chose to write about stars in the sky. It kind of turned into a love poem. I found out that I won on Tuesday 13th November 2012. :D Apparently it was the best poem by far in all of the yr11's that entered the competition. :) Even though I won I would still like 2 now wht u guys think of it. :)


1. There's Only One Chapter...

Oh stars up high, way up in the sky. You shine so bright, a tiny light in the middle of the night. Your gleam as you beam down upon the earth from the heavens above. Your my shining star by far. As I wish upon a star, anything could come true. I may even one day get you. I love you with all my heart and soul, and as I role onto the ground, I look up to the stars above, and I just know this is love. The stars up high in the sky, and I ask myself why. All together, forever and ever. Up there out of reach, trying to teach us something. When times are rough, and you've had enough. Just look to the stars way up there, life may not be fair but there's a star up there for everyone. Your star will shine bright for you when you don't have a clue what to do. There like angels looking down on us all, they may look small from here, but have no fear. Size does not matter, as the pitter patter of rain falls down. Through the rain you keep strong, you pretend there's nothings wrong. The stars make everything better. The stars working hard to keep the sky beautifully lit just for you. There are just so many, and to them we are hardly anything.
Oh stars are...
Oh I see the shining in such perfect timing. A star so silent, and not at all violent. They make me smile, for a while. They give a twinkle, as they sprinkle there dazzling ray of light. I can feel there power, hour after hour. Let them shine on me to help me see my way back to your heart. They glow don't you know, and they shall never go. With a sparkle here and a shimmer there, you can see them anywhere. A gleam of glitter, painted in the night sky. Riding the wind, tucked up in the clouds. The moon and the sun look over there many starlings, and beam brighter than ever because there so clever. There glistening in the corner of my eye is just breathtaking. They have such grace in there slow pace. They have a radiant shine as they beam down upon you. The illuminated sky ablaze with life. They don't go very far. Just stay in one place, there face looking down on earth. There gentle touch isn't much but they are such good night lights. Camping under the stars with you by my side, let the stars be my guide as i take my ride into fantasy. The world is mine to do what I will, but still at night, I look to the stars, the scars of the sky.
Oh stars definitely are...
I see a faint glow in the sky, then there is a sudden bright flash, and with a crash a star explodes. It's time is done, my number one. All stars run down soon enough, I know that's tough. The circle of life and a lot of strife, means a new star is born. A nebula is up there so high making new stars all the time. So for every star that no longer shines, down the lines another is just beginning it's long journey. Crashing down from the heavens, right down to earth, right from birth it starts to shine bright for you. A new member of the family, just as bright all through every single night. So whenever you look upon the stars, way up there along with Mars. Just remember to make a wish. The magic of a dream may seem stupid. But dreams can come true, if only you knew. Oh my shining star, I love you.

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