As long as you love me

Have you ever thought about saving Justin Bieber? Well I don't have to think, I can remember.


1. 1

Well, would you believe it? Just an ordinary girl, going to watch one of Justin's concerts front row and everything! And a freak accident happens, its all a bit weird that its never has happened before and when I go he falls of the platform! I still can't believe it. The full story is, I went to a Justin Bieber concert and my mum got me front row as a surprise. In his song 'Be Alright' He went up a platform high up in the area, and as it started to move forward it got jammed and he fell off of his stool backwards and landed on me! I broke my leg and my arm, another thing I broke was his fall! I saved Justin Bieber, it happened 3 months ago and I still can't get over it! Justin took me the hospital in his Audi R8, and sat with me in the hospital room for 5 hours! The only thing that was on my mind was 'Oh My God Justin Bieber is sitting right next to me in a hospital room!!' Once they bandaged me up and put my cast on my arm and leg, he gave me and my little sister a ride around Miami in his Audi! He also took me and my mum and my sister on a holiday to Florida for 6 weeks!! He also gave me half of the merchandise that's available! Justin was really sorry about my injuries and really did spoil me!! I love Justin Bieber !! 

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