Loosing Hope

The story follows the ups and downs four friends, Harmony, Faith, Hope, and Courage as they live the best two weeks of their lives at summer camp. Harmony looses her friend, Hope, (hence the name "Loosing Hope") she also looses Faith, and all she wants is her friend, Courage, but he isn't there for her either. Read to find out if they can find each other again.

"A classic tale of love, friendship, jealousy, heartbreak, family, home, belonging, pain, and summer magic. This is the story of the best two weeks of my life.. Here to tell it for you is myself, well my 12-year-old self that is. And I promise not to leave out a single beat. So, sit down, kick up your feet, and listen to my story. Here it begins."

NOTE: I will be working on this over a period of a few days, so I'll do it a chunk chapters at a time.





It was the summer before seventh grade and I remember waking up to the most beautiful morning. The sun casting a glittering, golden glow over everything in the room. Birds songs poured through my open window on the breeze..The birds were singing louder that day than any other day that summer. It was that moment, all snug in my bed, with the golden sun streaming in streaks through the windows, the chirping birds in the woods near my house, and a cool, summer breeze coming from every window in my room, that it finally started to feel like summer.

I couldn’t stay in bed all day, so I got up and began to get ready for the day. I vividly remember pulling on a pale, baby blue, ruffled, lacey tank top, a pair of jean shorts, my faded, old purple converse, and those big pearl earrings that I wore all summer without ever removing them, (until September when I lost one.) After running my perfectly french-manicured hands through my, then waist long, chocolate colored hair, I went downstairs to pack my bag and patiently await my annual camp carpool.

The car pool was probably the best part about theater camp. I carpooled with three of my best friends, Hope, Faith, and Courage.. This would be the first time I had seen them all in 100 days, which, when you are 12-years-old, feels like a lifetime. I always look forward to the carpool because it is some of the most fun we have together all summer. We are always singing, or gossiping., and later in the week, playing match maker. And we always listen tune in to 95 Triple E on the radio and listen to their phone scams. I swear I could be stuck with them in a car for a year, and there would never be a dull moment.

The ride this morning lived up to its potential as my mom drove me to each of the kids houses to pick them up. First came Hope who greeted me with a squeal, and one very tight hug. She settled down in the back row with me on the far left, I was on the far right. She was jittery and twirled her shoulder length, supermodel-blond hair in the shaking hands. I would have commented on her three inch heels, but I knew Hope is so self conscious about her height, I didn’t want to bring her down.

Next we picked up Faith who ran out of her house, and into the car greeting us with her familiar loud laugh. Faith laughs at everything and nothing. She has the loudest, most contagious laugh, just hearing it splits my sides. Faith claimed the seat in front of me, and as soon as she bucked in she immediately turned all the way around in her seat to talk to us.  

Lastly, we picked up Courage. As we drove up to his house a silent hush fell upon the car. I could feel the anticipation in the air. We waited a minute, my heart skipping a beat., until he opened the front door, beaming. I smile spread across my face, it was so good to see him again. He approached the car, his smile ever growing, climbed over Faith, sat down in between Faith and me.. He immediately spread his arms out behind our backs and embraced Faith and me in a big hug. We stayed like that for the entire ride. It was so nice to see him again, I felt so at home in my friends arms.

Getting out of the car at camp that morning was like coming home after being away for a while, everything is a little different while still being exactly the same and bittersweetly familiar, reminding you of old memories, and lost times.



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