Loosing Hope

The story follows the ups and downs four friends, Harmony, Faith, Hope, and Courage as they live the best two weeks of their lives at summer camp. Harmony looses her friend, Hope, (hence the name "Loosing Hope") she also looses Faith, and all she wants is her friend, Courage, but he isn't there for her either. Read to find out if they can find each other again.

"A classic tale of love, friendship, jealousy, heartbreak, family, home, belonging, pain, and summer magic. This is the story of the best two weeks of my life.. Here to tell it for you is myself, well my 12-year-old self that is. And I promise not to leave out a single beat. So, sit down, kick up your feet, and listen to my story. Here it begins."

NOTE: I will be working on this over a period of a few days, so I'll do it a chunk chapters at a time.


2. 50 DAYS



I put the bracelet on the day after I said goodbye to Courage, I could already feel him slipping away, and I felt that by tying on the bracelet I was, in a way, tying him closer to me.. When I first met Courage I knew that we would only be friends for this year. I knew that once he graduated we would never be close again. Well, this year is coming to a close.. Courage graduated the day before I tied on my bracelet, and now all we will have left is two weeks of summer theater camp before he leaves my school. With that bracelet I made a vow that I would keep up our friendship until I would see him again at theater camp this summer. That’s not all the bracelet signified, though, it also marked the 100th day until camp. 100 days that I would have to wait to see Courage’s face again. I said goodbye only yesterday, and It already feels like a lifetime ago. I wish I didn’t have to wait this long, I need Courage.

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