The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


4. You're The One

"Ouch!" Lexi gasped. She looked up, and saw a blonde haired guy, wearing light blue swim trunks and no shirt. His sparkling blue eyes looked imto hers, and instantly lit up. A huge smile fell across his face. "Oh my god!! It's Niall Horan!" Jessi screamed with excitment. Niall just ignored her, and reached out his hand. Lexi smiled, and took his hand. Mia, Cami, Kaitlin, and Jessi all stood there in shock.

"I can't believe I have found you again!" Niall exclaimed, with a huge smile on his face. "And I'm so glad you did!" Lexi replied with the same size smile. "I couldn't stop thinking about you..." Niall said, blushing a little. "Me either" Lexi said, blushing, and smiling at the ground. "But when you smile at the ground its not hard to tell" He sang again. Then he grabbed Lexi's hand, and pulled her close to him. "Lexi, I know I have only know you for...." "Whoa! Wait, wait, wait a minute. What is going on here? You met him already? When? How?" Jessi said confused, but also demanding, also interupting Niall.

Lexi pulled away from Niall and walked over to her friends. "Ok so at the beach, remember when we saw 5 guys, and Cami said they looked familiar. And we thought they could be One Direction.  And after that i was kind of out of it, and I knew they were from somewhere." They all nodded, wanted her to get on with the story. "Then I said I forgot something on the beach, well I didn't I just wanted to go back and find out if they were who I thought. Well Niall came out of the water, and I knew it was him. So, I walked over to him, and it was him! We chatted, and he asked if I wanted to sit down, but I told him I had to meet up with you guys, So I did, and now we are here." They all just starred at Lexi in shock. "So Niall Horan has a crush on you!" Mia squealed. "Ummm... I guess so" Lexi replied. She turned around to find Niall standing there with his hand on his neck, blushing. Lexi walked over to him "You were saying?" Lexi smiled. "Oh, well as I was saying, I know I just met you, but I realy like you, will you go out with me sometime? I really want to get to know you." He said in his sweet irish accent. "Yes! I will! How about tomorrow, at Nandos?" "That sounds absolutely amazing!" He picked up Lexi and gave her a big hug, and swung her around. Then he grabbed her hand and pulled her along.

"Where are we going?" She questioned. "I need to introduce you to the rest of the boys." "Oh well can my friends come? I can't just leave them." "Of course!" Lexi motioned her friends to follow her and Niall. Lexi walked along, Niall pulling her along, and her friends right by her. "This is so amazing!" Jessi squeled. "We are walking with Niall Horan!" Cami excitedly stated. Lexi just smiled, and gave a look of, I know! Then Niall lead them into a store that sold Toms. The girls spotted the rest of the boys, and stopped in their tracks. Niall kept hold of Lexi's hand, and pulled her towards the boys. "Guys, I found her!" Niall exclaimed with an ear to ear grin. They all look up from what they were doing. "So you're the girl Niall has been going on and on about." Zayn said with a cute, nice to meet you smile. Niall blushed. "Well she is quite beautiful" Harry said in his deep, slow voice. "Hey back off" Niall said, but gave Harry a joking look. "Hi Lexi, its very nice to meet you." Liam said with a smile. "Yes it is! Do you like my new Toms?" Louis said showing them off. "Yes! Love them, I'd like a pair myself!" Lexi replied with a laugh. Then Kaitlin gave a small, hello were still here, cough. "Oh yea!" Guys, these are my friends, Kaitlin, Cami, Mia and Jessica." Lexi introduced, pointing each one of them out. "Its so great to meet you guys! I'm a huge fan!" Jessica said with a huge grin. The 4 of the boys turned towards them and gave a huge smile. 

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