The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


3. Thought of You

Lexi finally took a deep breath, and walked towards him. When she got about 3 feet away he turned and faces her. He kind of did a double-take, then stood up. She walked right up to him, not knowing what to say. Then he took off his ray bands, and made eye contact. Lexi saw his sparkling blue eyes, amd she was speechless. He said something first, "Hi, I'm Niall, from One Direction." She still didnt know what to say, so she just smiled at the ground. "But when you smile at the ground its not hard to tell" Niall sang in his sweet voice. Lexi looked up and finally had the voice to say, "Hi, I'm Lexi, and I'm a huge fan" she said giggling a little. He smiled, and came closer, reaching his hand out grabing hers. "Well its a pleasure to meet you Lexi." He said kissing her hand. Lexi grinned from ear to ear. "Want to sit for a bit?" Niall said in his cute accent. "I would, but I'm acually supposed to be meeting my friends at the smoothie shop." "Oh ok" He said with a sad expression. "Well can i have a photo?" Lexi asked. "Of course!" He said with his smile coming back. He rapped his arm around her, all she could do is smile, from ear to ear. Lexi snapped the pic, with her smartphone. "Well I should get going." Lexi said starting to walk. "I hope I see you again, Bye" Niall said with a huge smile, and his blue eyes staring into hers. With that, she turned and jogged up the beach.

She reached the smoothie shop, and saw her friends, sipping on smoothies, and talking away. Lexi opened the door, walked in and came up to the table. "Hey! What took you so long?" Jessica questioned. "Oh it turns out I didn't leave anything." Lexi lied. She went over and order a blueberry smoothie, and brough it back to the table. They all talked and laughed for awhile, but all Lexi could think about is Niall. I can't believe it really was him! I knew it! But I'll never see him again.... She thought to herself.

The girls decided it was time to leave, since they had all finished their smoothies. They walked down the boardwalk for awhile, going into a couple of stores. "Lexi, are you sure everything is ok?" Mia asked, concerned. "Yea, I'm Fine" Lexi says with, a half-hearted smile.

As the girls walked out of the store and back onto the boardwalk, Lexi held her head down watching her feet. Kaitlin, Cami, Jessi, and Mia all goofed around, and gossiped about what was new on Twitter. "OMG! Did you hear they are in Cali today!" Cami said excited. "Maybe we will run into them!" Mia exclaimed. Lexi just kept her head doen, thinking. Then BAM! She was on the ground, not knowing what happened.

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