The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


8. See Ya There

"Lexi wake up!" Jessi said shacking Lexi awake. "What....what time is it?" Lexi replied groggy. "10:30! You would sleep all day if you could!" "I know, but I was having a good dream!" "About who? Niall...!" Jessi said giggling. "Maybe..." Lexi grinned. She got up, and pulled on her purple hoodie. "I'm hungry!" She complained. "Your always hungry!" Jessi said laughing."I know....lets make something." Lexi laughed as well. She grabbed the eggs and bacon out of the fridge, and 2 pans out of the cabinet. Jessi grabbed the bread and threw a few slices into the toaster.

They both sat down at the counter, and enjoyed a nice breakfast, and talked about how great tonight is gonna be. "I'm so excited! Time to get to know Harry even more! I still can't believe we met them, and they asked us out to dinner. It's almost unreal." "I agree with you. They are just amazing, and we got lucky enough to meet them, and get to know them!" Lexi replied smiling. They finished up breakfast, and moved to the couch. "So what time are we meeting them there?" Jessi asked. "Oh, I don't know. Let me ask Niall" Lexi grabbed her phone, and scrolled to Niall's contact. 'Morning! Hey when do you want to meet at Nandos?' Lexi texted. 'Morning babe, and how about 5? Sound good?" Niall replied. "Sounds great! See ya then!" Lexi sent, smiling at her phone. "What? Well what he say?" Jessi asked giggling. "Nothing, and 5, so we should start getting ready." Lexi replied giving Jessi a shove.

They each took turns showering, then they did their hair and make-up together. Jessi left her curly, but braided the hair by her eyes back, on both sides. She brushed on some pink eyeshadow that matched the color of her dress, and some sparkles to brighten her eyes. Then a small amount of pinkish lip gloss to bring out her lips. "You look gorgeous!" Lexi said grinning. "Well thanks, but you do too!" Jessi stated. Lexi had light pink eye shadow, black eyeliner, and a bit of sparkles and masscarra to enhance her eyes. A small amount of pink gloss was on her lips, and her hair is also curled, and her bangs braided to each side.

They finished with their hair and make-up, and slipped into their dresses. When they looked at the clock, it read, 4:15. "OMG! We have to go!" Lexi said rushing to get her purse, and put her heels on. Jessica did the same. Then they headed down, getting compliments from the door man on the way out. They giggled to each other, and hopped into the car. Lexi turned up the radio, and One Direction was playing. "Well this is just ironic!" Jessi said before singing with all her heart. Lexi laughed, and did the same.

They finally pulled into Nandos parking lot, and found a parking spt right next to Kaitlin, Mia, and Cami. They all jumped out, and walked over to eachother. Everyone looking fabulous in their dresses. After their 5 minute catch up, they all walked in the door together. The boys we waiting on the benchs at the front of the resturant. Liam noticed them first, and did a double take. Then he got up and all the boys turned and saw the girls. They all got up, and paired up with their dates. The boys all stoof there starring at the girls. They giggled, and that woke the boys up from their trance.

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