The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


11. New Tour

Sorry guys! I haven't updated in what seems like a lifetime! I apologize haha, I didn't really know how to continue the story, having to write something for each guy and all....

But I hope you enjoy this chapter!


Lexi opened her eyes, stretching out to wake up. Today she starts the tour with the boys. I still cant believe this is all real... I'm actually going on a tour with One Direction, with Niall Horan. She stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. She quickly took a shower and changed into a cute, casual dress and high-top converse. After applying a bit of makeup, she stepped out into the bedroom to pack up her things.

*20 Minutes Later*

A loud ring filled the room. Lexi ran to her bed and picked up the phone and answered it.


Lexi!? Have you left yet?? Jessi's alarmed voice practically screamed through the phone.

NO! I'm just sitting in my room with all my suitcases, waiting for Niall to call...why?

Thank goodness! I wanted to see you before you took off! I'll be over in 5 minutes! With that, she hung up.

Lexi set her phone down, laughing to herself.

 Im really gonna miss Jess these next few months...

She doubled checked to make sure she had everything, money, magazines, shoes, clothes of course, make-up, etc. Then there was a knock on the door, and Jessi burst through the door.

"Well HI there!" Lexi said before getting engulfed in huge hug. Jessi squeezed tighter and laughed at the same time.

"You know if you hug me any tighter, im going to need an ambulance!"

Jessi pulled away, tears in her eyes.

"Im going to miss you so much!" Jessi said, wiping her eyes.

"Awe im going to miss you loads too! We will try and talk everyday and Skype sometimes too!" Lexi told her, pulling her back into a hug. Then a phone rang. Lexi walked over to her bed and picked up her phone.


Hi, Love! Ready to go? Im in the parking lot now, I'll head up and help you carry your things of you want.

Okay, and oh its ok, Jess is here, she can help. I don't want someone to see you then you get mobbed haha. See you in a minute.

Alright, don't keep me waitin' for ages. I cant wait to see your beautiful face again.

Niall hung up the phone, Lexi smiled and shoved her phone in her pocket. She grabbed one of her suitcases and looked over at Jessi.

"Can you help me carry these down?"

Jessi nodded, grabbing the other suitcase and a backpack. Lexi grabbed the rest, and walked out the door, dead bolting it before heading to the elevator. The girls rode down to the first floor, chatting as much a they could before Lexi had to leave. They saw Niall leaning against the trunk of his car, arms crossed over his chest and Ray Bans hiding his gorgeous eyes. Lexi smiled, exciting and amazed that this is actually happening.

The girls reached Niall's silver Audi, and set the bags on the ground. Niall smiled at them both and gave Lexi a quick hug.

"Well not to rush your Goodbyes, but Paul and the boys aren't going to be very happy if I make all of us late for our flight" Niall said picking up Lexi's suitcases and put them in the trunk.

"Okay" Lexi whispered, looking at Jess.

Jess pulled Lexi into one more, long hug.

"I'm really going to miss you Lex" Jessi managed to choke out. That brought tears to Lexi's eyes. She pulled Jessi tighter.

"Im going to miss you too. Just promise we will call, text, Skype, everything. Haha."


The girls pulled away from each other, wiping their eyes. They both laughed a little. Niall was already holding open Lexi door, Lexi gave him a small smile and walked over to him. Jess walked over to her. They waved one more time, and Lexi got into the car and Jess drove off.

Niall jumped into his side and started the car.

"Ready?" He said looking at Lexi, a little worried.

Lexi nodded. "Yeah, lets go."

"Okay, don't worry you will see her before you know it" He reassured her.

*At the boys hotel*

"Bout time you guys got here!" Harry jumped up, flashing a cheeky smile and threw his arm around Niall.

Niall laughed. "Well I couldn't just make her leave her best friend! Could you guys be any more impatient?"

"Hey! Your just lucky I stopped Louis and Zayn from going to get both of you!" Liam told him.

Lexi still stood in the doorway, still a little shocked at what is happening. She's only known them for 3 days, and is going on tour with them. Even though she has spent almost every minute of the weekend with Niall and occasionally one of the other boys, she is still in shock on how fast it all escalated.

Niall noticed Lexi standing there and walked over to her.

"Are you okay love?" He asked in his sweet Irish accent.

"Y-yeah I'm fine, I just still cant believe I'm here with all you guys. Its a little unreal."

"Well its new for all of us!" Louis blurted out.

"Yeah Niall here is the first to invite someone on tour with us." Zayn told her.

Niall blushed bright red and punched Zayn in the arm. All the boys laughed and Lexi giggled. Niall grabbed Lexi's hand and lead her to the couch. She took a seat between Niall and Liam.

They all chatted for a few minutes, until Paul walked through the door.

"Alright, lets go! Oh, Lexi, nice to meet you. Hope your ready to deal with these boys for the next few months, it should be quite interesting!"

Lexi laughed when all the guys started to argue with Paul.

Everyone grabbed their suitcases and headed out the door. Paul escorted them all down to the van, the back way of course, to not attract any attention. The boys and Lexi loaded up their bags, and climbed into the van. The drive to the airport began, and Lexi officially is on tour with One Direction!






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