The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


2. Is This Real?

"Okay, lets get out and dry off, I'm getting tired" Jessi stated. The girls started to make their way out of the water. "You coming Lexi?" Mia asked "Ummm yea, sorry" Lexi replyed, while turning towards them. They look so familiar! Lexi thought to herself. They made their way back up to their towels, and wrapped up. They sat and chatted while they warmed up and dryed off.

"Wanna get a smoothie?" Cami suggested. "Sure! I could go for a smoothie!" Kaitlin replyed eagerly. "Yea me too!" Mia and Jessi said at the same time. "Jinx!" Jessi called first. "HAHAHA you owe me One Direction!" "Well how in the world am I supposed to do that?" Mia questioned "It could happen!" "Come on guys lets go! I want a smoothie!" Kaitlin whined. With that they gather their bags and sandals and threw on their cover-ups. "Lexi, you coming?" Jessi asked. Lexi turned around again, still looking at the guys in the water. "Someones got a crush!" Kaitlin joked. "Oh hush, Kaitlin! They just look familiar." Lexi replyed half laughing. "Well lets go already!" Cami yelled. "Ok, ok" Lexi replyed.

They all headed towards the boardwalk, excited to get a smoothie. Lexi on the other hand looked out of it. "Earth to Lexi!" Jessi said, giving Lexi a small shove. "Whats wrong?" "Nothing, I think I left something on the beach." Lexi lied. "Oh well lets go, I'll come with ya." Jessi stated. "No, its cool. I'll meet you guys at the smoothie shop." "Ok, lets go! I'm thirsty!" Kaitlin whined again.

Mia, Jessica, Cami, and Kaitlin all headed towards the shop. Lexi made her way back down the beach. She stopped when she was about 15 feet from the shore. One of the guys was coming out of the water. He had blonde hair, had light blue ray bands (sunglasses) on and blue plaid swim trunks. Lexi sttod there with her mind racing, and her heart beating faster. They two other guys came up behind him, One with brown curly hair, orange ray bands, and black swim trunks, the other, had dark spikey hair, red ray bands, and matching swim trunks. They were all so cute. Lexi still stood there gazing at them. Then the last two came out, one with purple ray bands and purple plaid trunks, and the other with red ray bands, and blue stripped trunks. They were all hoarsing around, then the sat down all together, and started chatting. Lexi could hear their beautiful accents.  4 British and 1 Irish. She thought, 5 guys, from the UK in Cali. One Direction was on tour and in California at the moment! Lexi squeled to herself. This could be them! I could literally be 15 feet away from them! They could be right there! Lexi thought to herself. She stood there for another minute or two, then 4 of the boys, went back into the water. Only one was left. The blonde, irish one. He layed back, relaxing on the beach. Lexi wanted to go over to him so bad. But she didnt want to bother him. But this could be her one chance to find out. Whats the worse that could happen?

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