The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


1. Girls Day

"Hey Jessi! Wanna come to the beach with me and some friends??" Lexi texted her BFF Jessica. "Hey gurl! And sure, sounds great!" Jessi replied "Ok awesome, I'll come pick ya up. I'll be there in 20 min Everyone else will meet us at the boardwalk!" "kk! See ya then!"

Lexi grabbed her cute, purple and light blue, zebra stripped, strapless bikini and put it on. She threw on her cover-up and some sandals and looked in the mirror. She threw her dirty blonde hair up in a stylish messy bun and put on some water proof masscara. Who knows, maybe I'll meet someone, she giggles to herself. Then she grabs her stripped beach bag, got her car keys to her convertible bug, and walked out the door.

She pulls out her phone, and texts Jessi "Hey im on my way!" "Ok! See ya in a few!" Lexi put the keys in the ignition, and put down the top. It was a warm, bright sunny day, perfect for a day at the beach with friends! She crancked up her favorite radio station, and her fav band was playing! One Direction! LWWY was on, and she belted at the top of her lungs, "Tonight lets get some! and Live While Were Young!" By the time the song was over, she pulled into her BFF apartment complex. They both lived in a complex in Cali. The perfect place for 17 year olds. They met through work, at Forever 21, in the mall!

Jessi was just walking out the door when Lexi pulled in. Lexi honked her horn, and Jessi waved and smiled excitingly. "Hey gurl!" Lexi squealed as Jessi hoped in the car, giving her a small hug. "So you ready for the best beach day ever!" "Ummm Yes!" Jessica said enthusiastic. With that Lexi pushed the gas pedal, and took off for the beach.

When they got there, they jumped out, and walked to the boardwalk, where they saw the rest of the crew. Kaitlin, Cami and Mia. They spotted Lexi and Jessica, and started to walk quickly towards them. Everyone exchanged hugs and Hi's, then they set off to find a spot on the beach. They found the perfect place, about 25 feet from the shore. They set out their towels, and pulled off their cover-ups. Jessi had a pink stripped bikini, Cami a light blue polka dot one, Kaitlin a solid red twisted one and Mia in a lime green starred one. "We look sexy!" Lexi said while laughing. Everyone cracked up. "Maybe we'll see some cute guys." Jessi giggled "Oh la la!" Kaitlin laughed.

They sat down to tan for a while. Meanwhile, they are gossiped about, high school, boys and One Direction, of course! "Omg! Isnt Little Things just absolutely amazing!" Lexi squeled. "Yes, its brillant! It tells all us girls what makes us beautful and that guys will love them anyway! I LOVE IT!" Cami replyed. "Best song ever!" Mia pointed out.

After the hour long conversation of One Direction, everyone decided that they wanted to go down in the water and splash around for a while. As they were all walking down, looking fabulous, Kaitlin decided to run and jump on Lexi's back. "Ahhh Kaitlin!" Lexi screamed almosted toppling over in the sand. Kaitlin just ran in front laughing like crazy. "I'll get you!" Lexi yelled running after her.

When they reached the shore, Jessi spotted 5 guys. "Hey girls! Look, found some guys, haha" She giggled. As they got closer, Cami noticed something, "Hey they look a little familiar don't they?" Everyone turned to look. "Yea they do!" Mia replyed. "One has curly hair!" Jessi squeled. "Any guy could have curly hair." Kaitlin interupted. Jessi frowned. Lexi kept looking back, she new they were from somewhere, she just knew. 

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