The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


7. Dress Shopping

"Wanna just spend the night at my place?" Lexi asked Jessi. "Sure, lets just swing by my place, so I can pick up some clothes." "Ok, sounds good." Lexi pulled into Jessi's complex, and Jessi hopped out, "I'll be 5 minutes!" She yelled over her shoulder. Meanwhile, Lexi pulled out her phone, and checked Twitter, and saw this; "@niallofficial: Just spent the day with an amazing girl, and her friends, and the boys. Can't wait for tomorrow!" Lexi smiled at how sweet he was. She also saw that all the other boys had wwritten a sweet tweet for the girls. They were all so sweet. Wait, they all said they couldn't wait for tonight? Where are they going? Lexi thought to herself. She texted Niall, "Hey Niall, where are all the other boys going tomorrow night?" "Idk, let me ask" He replied. She didn't reply, knowing he would respond again. "Apparently they have dates, with your friends, at Nandos." "Oh same as us, I guess we will see them there. Well I'll talk to Jessi about it. See ya tomorrow!" Lexi texted. "Ok babe, See ya then!" She grinned at how he called her babe.

Jessi finally came out of her apartment, carrying a small pink suitcase, a toiletry bag, and her purse. "Dang gurl, it's only a one night sleepover, how much do you need? Some got a hot date?" Lexi laughed, already knowing the answer. "Yes! Harry invited me to Nandos tomorrow night! I'm so excited!" Jessi squealed. "I know, Niall told me, Me and him are going to Nandos as well, along with the other boys, and Mia, Kaitlin and Cami. "Oh cool, 5 dates! But I don't have a dress! Mall!" "Ok let me call the girls, and see if they wanna tag along. Lexi dialed Mia's number, "Hello?" Mia answered. "Hey Mia, you guys still in the car?" "Yea, why?" "Wanna come to the mall, so we can go dress shopping? I know you all have dates." Lexi said. "Sure, and yes we do" Mia giggled. "I'll tell Kaitlin to turn around" "Ok meet at Delias!" With that, Lexi hung up the phone, and threw the car in drive.

When they got to the mall, Lexi found a parking spot, and her and Jessi jumped out. "OMG!! We are still in our bikinis and cover-ups!" Jessi slightly screamed. "Calm down, we live in Cali! People go out in their beachwear all the time." Lexi stated. Jessi sighed with relief. They walked into the mall, and up the escalator, and headed to Delias. "Hey girls! Jessi said running up to Kaitlin, Mia, and Cami giving them a hug. "Oh My Gosh! We haven't seen you guys in like ever!" Cami said sarcastically. Everyone laughed, and walked into the store.

Cami found a dress right away, "Oh my gosh! It's perfect! I have to try it on!" She said grabbing the yellow, one shoulder flowy dress. It is down to the knee length, and a sparkly belt wrapped around the waist, it was perfect for her. Then Kaitlin saw her favorite dress, it is light orange, and sparkly on the top half, and half ruffled/curled at the bottom. It is spaghtti strapped, and on the waist line, is a thin black bow, wrapping around the whole waist. Kaitlin took it off the rack, and smiled, "I can't wait to try it on!" She said excitedly. Mia spotted a light green, 2 shoulder lace dress. She fell in love with it instantly. "Perfect!" She said pulling down from the rack. They searched a little for Jessica and Lexi, then Jessi saw a bright pink ruffly, sparkly, criss crossed in the back, dress, matching her style perfectly. She almost squeled with excitment. She snatched it off the shelf so fast, and headed off to the dressing room. "Hey! Jessi! Wait, we have to find a dress for me." Lexi yelled half laughing. Jessi came back blushing a little. "Oh yea, sorry." Everyone cracked up. "Well come on, Lexi. Fine your perfect dress!" Lexi lead the way, searching through the racks. Finally a light pink, strappless, sparkly on the top, and layered and ruffly on the bottom, and on the waist line, a black ribbon wrapped around, tying into a bow in the front. Lexi gasped, grabbing the dress, and excided to try it on. "Finally! Its so cute!" Lexi said.

They all headed off to the dressing rooms. 5 minutes later, they all came out looking stunning in their dresses. They walked to the 360* mirror, all marveling at their perfect choices. "Once again, we look sexy!" Lexi said posing in her dress. Everyone giggled, giving compliments on eachother dresses. After about 15 minutes, they decided to change back over, and check out. They walked out of the store, all satisfied with their findings. They made their ways outside, and exchanged hugs. Mia, Kaitlin, and Cami headed off to Kaitlin's mini cooper, and Jessica and Lexi headed off for Lexi's VW bug.

Lexi and Jessi headed for Lexi apartment. "I'm so happy we found the perfect dresses!" Jessi exclaimed. "Me too! I can't wait for tomorrow night! It's gonna be perfect!" Lexi replied. They pulled in, and walked upstairs to her apartment. It was 9:30, and they changed into their PJ's and sat on Lexi's bed talking about how amazing tomorrow night is going to be. They started to feel sleepy around midnight, and decided to hit the hay. Lexi fell asleep smiling at the thought of Niall.

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