The Little Things

Love One Direction? Well read this fanfic! Its mostly about Niall, and Its my first one, so please no hate! :)


6. 5 Dates

They all sat around for a while longer, just talking and getting to know eachother. Everyone had turned in a big circle, so everyone was in one big conversation. "Wanna play Truth or Dare?!?!" Louis said with a big smile. Everyone nodded in agreement. "Ok, ummmm, Jessica. Truth or Dare?" Harry said facing Jessica. "Ummm Dare!" Jessi said feeling confident. "Hmmm, I dare you to stand up in the middle of the park, and sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" and do the dance!" Harry replied laughing. "Harry! No!!! Are you crazy!" Jessi nudged him. "Hey, your guys decided to play Truth or Dare with 5 crazy guys, what did you expect?" Niall said laughing. "Well c'mon" Harry motion Jessi to stand up. "Ok, ok" With that Jessi stood up, and walked to the center of the park. She began singing. The whole time all she could do, along with everyone else was crack up. Everyone in the park thought we were crazy. Jessi came back laughing, "I'll get you back Harry Styles, oh you just wait."

The girls decided that is was about time that they needed to head home, and the boys the same. Otherwise Paul would get made. They all got up and started packing up the towels.

Zayn's POV

She's  about to leave, I can't just not see her again! Mia is just amazing, ok I can do this. "Hey Mia?" I said anxiously. "Yes?" Mia replied, looking up with a beautiful smile. "I was wandering, ummm, would you like to maybe go to dinner with me sometime?" I said with a smirk. "Absolutely! I would love to!" My face lit up. "How about tomorrow? Nandos?" "Sure! That sounds great!" She replied, looking quite happy herself. All I could do is smile.

Liam's POV

I have to see Cami again. I won't be able to think straight. I had to ask her to dinner. "Cami?" I questioned. "Yea, Liam?" She said smiling at me. "Oh ummm, I was wandering, do you want to join me to dinner at Nandos tomorrow?" I asked nervously. "Yes! That would be amazing!" "Great, can't wait!" I replied with the biggest smile. I'm so happy, this is amazing.

Harry's POV

I don't think I have every been this nervous to ask a girl out before. I don't know what it is, but Jessi is just, wow. But I had to ask her before she leaves, or I'll never hear her sweet laugh again. "So, Jessica" I said trying to act cool. "What's up, Harry?" She looked at me with her beautiful dark eyes. "Ummm, I was just thinking, would you like to go to dinner tomorrow, with me? At Nandos?" She smiled "Of course, how could I say no?" I smiled and helped her pack up her towel. I am so happy. She is so amazing.

Louis' POV

"Ummmm, Kaitlin?" I asked, I needed to get this out. "Yea Louis, whats up?" She said with the cutest smile. "Do you want to come to dinner with me tomorrow? Maybe at Nandos?" "Ummm, yes! Of course!" I sighed with relif. "Great!" I couldn't help but smile. Kaitlin is great! She is so beautiful, I can't wait for tomorrow night.

Niall's POV

"So are we still on for tomorrow? At Nandos?" I asked Lexi. "Yes! Of course!" She replied with a giggle. "Ok, just making sure" She smiled. Her smile is amazing. I am so excited for tomorrow. I will really get a chance to really get to know her. She is amazing.

Everyone hugged, exchanged numbers and said their Good-byes. None of them knew they all had a date at the same place, but they would so find out. Lexi and Jessi hopped into Lexi's, buggie, and Kaitlin, Mia and Cami hopped into Kaitlin's mini cooper, and headed home.

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