The Lonely Dragon

A lonely young male dragon by the name of Drake is confused and alone. No friends or family to comfort him. But when an accident strikes all he needs is a happy ending.

This short story came about when I entered a 'story competition' at my school when I was in yr10. This story could be about anything so I chose Fantasy and Myth. In a dragons point of view rather than a person. I won second place with this short story and went on to read this to young children in a primary school. This story is actually meant for young children. Hope you like it though :)


5. Trying To Escape

When he awoke it was really light and the sun was greeting him with warmth. He felt a little happier apart from the fact that he was really hungry and there was no food in the ravine. He tried again to climb out but it was no good so he starting counting rocks to pass the time. It would be ages until another dragon flew over, that's if they did that is. He sat there thinking away ideas on how to escape. His wing was too badly injured, he did attempt to fly but fell flat on his snout. He began to cry and no one was there to comfort him. Being in this tight spot gave him time to think of his parents. How they had disappeared without a trace, leaving him to fend for himself when he was still only a little baby. But he got on alright without them so he would find a way to escape without other dragons. He got up pushing himself up awkwardly with his left wing, just getting up onto his feet. His claws dug deep into the ground as he desperately tried to balance and leant against the mountain. He then walked around the empty ravine in search for food, water or a way out but found none of those things. He curled up, his head under his wing , sulking away.

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