The Lonely Dragon

A lonely young male dragon by the name of Drake is confused and alone. No friends or family to comfort him. But when an accident strikes all he needs is a happy ending.

This short story came about when I entered a 'story competition' at my school when I was in yr10. This story could be about anything so I chose Fantasy and Myth. In a dragons point of view rather than a person. I won second place with this short story and went on to read this to young children in a primary school. This story is actually meant for young children. Hope you like it though :)


4. The Ravine

There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Drake had crashed face first into a mountain side and had fallen really far down braking his right wing. He had no idea where he was and no idea on how he was going to get home. The other dragon had gone and so he was all alone desperately trying to scramble out of the ravine. He was hoping that the Dragon would return considering he saw the whole thing, but he didn't. Drake was all alone in the pitch black, really hungry and helplessly stranded. He would blow fire to use as a signal if he only knew how. But his parents disappeared before they could. There was no use in fire anyway, apart from warmth as he was very cold now. His home would be shielded from the wind but out in the open he suddenly relalized what it was like to be homeless and alone. He tried again to desperately scramble up the sides of the ravine, but it was no good. He collapsed with exhaustion on the hard, rocky ground as fell into a deep sleep.

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