The Lonely Dragon

A lonely young male dragon by the name of Drake is confused and alone. No friends or family to comfort him. But when an accident strikes all he needs is a happy ending.

This short story came about when I entered a 'story competition' at my school when I was in yr10. This story could be about anything so I chose Fantasy and Myth. In a dragons point of view rather than a person. I won second place with this short story and went on to read this to young children in a primary school. This story is actually meant for young children. Hope you like it though :)


1. The Dragon

It was a bright and sunny day. The wind brushed through the crooked tree branches that were towering over the land like a trap door closing in on you. Everything was quiet here as a red admiral floated along the breeze like a colourful boat. There was a little old cottage, worn down by the weather. It just sat there, like all houses do, except this house was very different to others. Normally people would inhabit such a place, but not this one. You wouldn't believe it if I told you, you have to see with your own eyes for seeing is believing. What lived in this house was a Dragon. Now over the years, this deserted little cottage was left to rot away and part of the top had been knocked off. The reason for this damage was unknown, but that's how the dragon gets in and out of its home. Now the other dragons laughed at him for living in a house and not a dark, dank cave. But what matters is that he liked his home and was happy. As the butterfly flew on in the darkening sky a crumbling noise was heard over the sound off rushing water rippling up the river bank.

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