The Lonely Dragon

A lonely young male dragon by the name of Drake is confused and alone. No friends or family to comfort him. But when an accident strikes all he needs is a happy ending.

This short story came about when I entered a 'story competition' at my school when I was in yr10. This story could be about anything so I chose Fantasy and Myth. In a dragons point of view rather than a person. I won second place with this short story and went on to read this to young children in a primary school. This story is actually meant for young children. Hope you like it though :)


2. Taking Flight

The dragon by the name of Drake was clambering his way out of the top of the house ready to go on a hunt for food. He just managed to squeeze his way out and was now sat down gazing up at the stars. It was a warm night and perfect for hunting. So he opened out his massive wings of bright red and shook them to get them ready for flight, then with a kick of his powerful back legs, he was off into the night sky. A loud flapping sound as he went.

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