The Lonely Dragon

A lonely young male dragon by the name of Drake is confused and alone. No friends or family to comfort him. But when an accident strikes all he needs is a happy ending.

This short story came about when I entered a 'story competition' at my school when I was in yr10. This story could be about anything so I chose Fantasy and Myth. In a dragons point of view rather than a person. I won second place with this short story and went on to read this to young children in a primary school. This story is actually meant for young children. Hope you like it though :)


3. Disaster Strikes!

He was souring high in the sky when he noticed another dragon. He glided down beside him and with a roar he said "Hey Danny, what's up"? The male dragon with pride in his voice bellowed "Not you that's for certain". He then fly quickly to the side but Drake was too late. BAM! Black Out....

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