I'm in love with you, and all these little things...

This story is about a teen girl named Megan. When Megan was little, both her father and mother died in a car accident. She lives with her friend Sarah, who's cousin is from the popular british band One Direction. Can Megan's life get better when she meets the guys?


1. The concert

"C'mon Megs, let's go we're gonna be late!" Sarah yelled to me in a worried voice. "Alright, alright I'm coming" I put on my last dab of lipgloss on and headed down the stairs. "Oh gorgeous, darling!" Sarah said in a humorous tone, making me giggle a little. I had on my favorite outfit; A flary faded baby blue tank top, some ripped skinny jeans, My New York Yankees SnapBack, and my favorite pair of dark blue Toms. I had little makeup on, for I'm not much of a makeup person.

We headed out the door and got to the car quick. "So, Meg, you pumped up to see Justin Bieber tonight?!" "Oh my god YES!" I said too over excitedly. "Awesome! How about some tunes for the way there?" I clicked the radio on and the song Little Things by One Direction was on. "I love this song! I can't believe Ryan Seacrest is already playing it even though it just came out this morning!" Sarah said. "Yeah me too, Oh here's Harry's part shh," I said. 'I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know how much you weight' "Aww!" I said. "Dido!" Sarah said. "Oh great, traffic," Sarah sounded upset. "Duh Sar, it's a JB concert!," I said trying to cheer her up a bit. We pulled into the almost packed parking lot. "Alright, there's a parking spot right there," I said. We parked there and got out. "I'm so excited!" Sarah exclaimed. "Yeah me too, wait how did you get these tickets again?" I asked. "Oh, my cousin has "connections", Sarah made air quotes with her fingers, "And he called me up and said that he had them so now we're here!" "Ok," I said laughing.

We got into the stadium and handed the ticket person our tickets for front row seats. "Ya know," Sarah said, "I heard that Justin and one of his friends/guests picks two girls out of the audience and the girls get to meet them after the show...," She said slowly, "Maybe we will be those lucky girls, eh?" "Yeah maybe..." I said, beginning to be curious.
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