Still The One

You see I used to go out with THE Harry Styles , but even since X-factor ; Our relationship was no more.
What happens when i reconnect with the one and only Harry ?
Read to find out xx !!


2. Chapter 2 xx

Harry's POV

I was in utter relief when Harmony told me she was alright with singing on the show . I am really scared to see where this show will take me , her , US . What if i win and she doesn't , What if we both win , Will we still make it together ? I pushed all the thoughts out my head and just went with the flow . 

We made it to the Center right on time , Whew . I glanced over at Harmony , she was the last bit of confident , i can't blame her now cant i ? I then walked to the waiting area with Harmony , i was really scared ... I was literally shaking . 

"Harry Styles." A person called . Right there and then i broke down .

"Good Luck Haz , I love you ." Harmony told me .

"Thank you , I love you too ." She pecked me on the lips then i was off .I hummed a few notes the straightened  myself up .

"Your on " I was  told. I walked onto the stage while i glanced at the judges .

"Hello " One said

"Ello" I said back nervously .

"What is you name ?"

"Harry .. Harry Styles" Many people 'Ooohed' In the background . Weird i'm loved instantly .

"What are you going to be singing "

"Isn't she Lovely ." I replied

I then started singing , well i wanted to freak out once i ended , since i got 2 yeses  and unfourtantley  1 no . 

But hey , i sill get to go on . I walked back to where Harmony was waiting she hugged me tightly and i felt so proud , but how will Harmony do , she is afraid to preform . Best of luck to her .

"Harmony Vargas ." 

"Good luck love ." I said

"Mhm" She nodded her head and left .

I looked up to the telly where she must've seen me .

Harmony's  POV

I walked onto the stage and stood still in the spot like i were glued to it . 

"Hello there ."

"Hello" I replied in my accent .

"What is your name?"

"Harmony Vargas."

"How old" I was questioned.

"16" I replied

"What will you be singing today?"

"Valarie By Amy Whinehouse "

I then proceeded by singing

'Well sometimes i go out by myself , and i look across the water .'

I thought , Hm maybe this isn't so bad . I then carried on when i wasn't inturupted , well i then stopped and waited for what the judges thought.

I ended up getting 3 yeses , wow .

I went towards Harry and he squealed like a girl , i chuckled .

"Lets go home then Love ."

We drove home and we talked all about our auditions and how we felt , and well what we wanted to do if we won .

"Bye Haz . "

"Bye Har."

We both hugged and Kissed as i went home , showered , did my hair in a messy bun and changed. I swore once i hit my pillow i instantly fell asleep


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