Still The One

You see I used to go out with THE Harry Styles , but even since X-factor ; Our relationship was no more.
What happens when i reconnect with the one and only Harry ?
Read to find out xx !!


1. Chapter 1 xx

Harmony's POV


"Ugh" I rose from my bed and finally noticed what day was today , Let me introduce myself I'm Harmony I'm 16 years of age and well I'm dating Harry . It already has almost been 6 month's and well , everything's fine . I slunched over to my closet and picked out an outfit , A cream Sweatshirt , with flower printed jeans and my matching cream boots to go along with it. I shuffled towards the bathroom i had and quickly brushed my teeth  . I then hopped into the showered , i decided to let my hair be natrual and let it fall to my mid back in blonde ringlets .

I then took off  my sweats and my tank top and placed my outfit on . I started humming my favorite song  'Torn' . Today was the day Harry was going onto X-factor , he had a talent he really did i was happy he wanted to show it to the world . I walked down the stairs and walked into the kitchen . I threw a piece of bread into the toaster and grabbed my nutella . I started eating it out of the bare bottle and well there was frankily no more. I shrugged and spread some jam on it and walked out my house . I walked across the street to the white colored house and knocked on it .

To my surprise Harry opened the door .

"Hi Haz." I pecked his cheek.

"Hey Har." He grinned .

See we have that relationship where we can talk like best friends , protect each other like brother and sister and love like husband and wife . Harry grabbed my hand and we sat on the couch .

"Har , i have to tell you something." Oh no , i knew this was going to happen. He is gonna break up with me.

I trembled in fear , "What happened."

"You know how i am going on to X-factor right ." I nodded my head . "Well, i kinda ..... signed you up to "

I lifted up my head and sighed in relief . But i am scared to preform in front of large crowds. But it's too good of an offer to pass down , and who knows i can become famous .

"It's okay Haz ; I will try thank you though ." He sighed back in relief and we sat down in silence for a bit .

"What time does it begin ?" I finally asked .

"Erm ...... 2:30 " i looked up at the time 

It read 1:50 . We both got up and we headed towards the audition  center . I think that is what it's called  .

As we hopped inside the car many questions came into my mind : 'What if i win and Harry does ' 'What happens if Harry wins and i don't ' Most importantly , 'What am I going to sing?

Automatically i thought of the song . 'Valarie' , my favorite song of them all . We reached the center at 2:20 . Wow

I griped Harry's Hand , "What song are you going to do Harry ?" 

"Isn't she lovely" I nodded and well we walked into the center . 

We reached the man hall , the place to where they give you the number yo have to wear .  Harry  got his number and i got a glimpse of mine . '10935562' I carefully sticked it on my chest , and went to wait .

"Harry Styles " A man said .I glanced to Harry and saw him shaking .

"Good luck Haz , I love you " I said

"Thank you , I love you too . " 

I pecked his lips and he walked away . I looked up at the telly as he walked in .

"Hello " one of the judges said

" Ello " Harry said back nervously .

"What is your name ?"

"Harry ... Harry Styles" He mentioned to them . Many people gave in different responses in the audience .

"What would you be singing today ?"

"Isn't she lovely . By Stevie Wonder ."

He began to sing the song and i was impressed with his voice ' Isn't she lovely '

The judges said on what they thought and well , they were acually impressed. He got only 2 yeses and 1 no . I groaned when the judge said no , he deserved that yes.

Harry came back with a smile plastered on his face . I hugged him tight and well was proud of Harry , i knew he would make it .

"Harmony Vargas ." I looked at Harry and he gave me an encouraging look. I walked towards the back of the Stage , and freaked out i did warm ups until i was told "Your On"

I walked onto the stage as the light shone on me .




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