Little Things

In 2012, Megan has a hard life. The popular crowd always get to her. She has the life
that nobody expects either. She lives in a mansion with her mom and dad. She has two best friends, Katie and Abby. While eating dinner one night, her father comes home from his months long job with a surprise in store for Megan. This is my first movella so I hope you like it and I will try to update whenever I get the chance. I also like help writing and comment and criticism are always nice!


2. Welcome Home Daddy

A/N Megan's Parents are Scott and Mandy

Megan's P.O.V.

Oh My God! I am seriously fan girling right now! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......! Okay. Megan, you need to calm down right now before you freak out on them.

"Hey Megz! How has everything been?" my dad questioned me smiling and putting an emphasis on the z. "Good!" I answered. "This is your FAVORITE band One Direction; Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn." He said to each of them in the order that they were standing. I blushed a deep red."Hi, I'm Megan and this is my mom, Mandy!" "Hey boys! Welcome back Scott!" she said going over to give my dad a hug and kiss. Harry has always been my favorite while Katie liked Niall and Abby likes Liam. "Hey" the boys said in unison. "Meg, you cannot tell anyone about the boys being here except for Katie and Abby as long as we keep them quiet. Okay?" he said seriously. I nodded. "So why don't we eat" Niall said walking to the dining room table. "Yeah, I'm starving" I explained. We all took a seat and started to dig in. This is the order we sat in: (from right to left) Zayn, Niall, Harry, Me, empty seat, Mom, Dad, Liam, Louis, and another empty seat.

Afterwords, the boys and I went to the screening room to watch a movie. my parents had gone to bed early because me mom works for four o'clock in the morning and my dad has been awake since two. "Let's watch Toy Story 3!" Liam exclaimed. "Sure" the rest of us said one after the other. The movie began playing and I had two texts, one from Katie, the other from Abby. We were all in one conversation:

Katie: Hey. Wat R U doin 2nite Meg

Abby: How is everythin goin Meg. I saw u runnin from those girls @ school

Megan: Good! Do u girls want 2 come over like rite now. I have sum people here dat wood luv 2 meet u!!!!!!

Katie: yea. Ill pic Abby up. C u in 5

Abby: C u there

"Are you okay Meg" Harry asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just texting my friends. Are you boys okay if they come over?" I said and asked the boys. "Yeah!"

Harry's P.O.V.

When we walked into Scott's house, I saw a beautiful girl. When he introduced us to her, he told us that her name was Megan and that we were her favorite band! BONUS! "Hey." the boys said at the same time. She had pretty red hair and blue eyes. I love girls with blue eyes. Her clothes looked ruined but I didn't let that that bother me. I'll ask her tomorrow. We walked to the dinner table and began eating. I sat next to her and she has a really good appetite. My kind of girl! We then went to a screening room and ended up watching Toy Story 3. She ended up on her phone and was texting. "Are you okay?" I asked concerned. She answered, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just texting my friends. Are you boys okay if they come over?" she asked. "Yeah"! I hope her friends don't attack us!

Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam's P.O.V'S

When I walked into Scott's house I met a girl that happened to be his daughter Megan. I saw how Harry looked at her and it was not the way he looked at his girlfriends. He must really like her. After getting introduced we went to go eat the best dinner EVER! Afterwards, Megan's parents went to bed and we watched Toy Story 3. Megan asked if we were okay with her friends coming over. We said we were okay with that. Hopefully they won't attack us when they get here!




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