Little Things

In 2012, Megan has a hard life. The popular crowd always get to her. She has the life
that nobody expects either. She lives in a mansion with her mom and dad. She has two best friends, Katie and Abby. While eating dinner one night, her father comes home from his months long job with a surprise in store for Megan. This is my first movella so I hope you like it and I will try to update whenever I get the chance. I also like help writing and comment and criticism are always nice!


6. Truth or Dare and......Relationships?

Megan's P.O.V 

We decided to play Truth or Dare in the living room. We walked past the staircase to go upstairs.

Megan: I'm gonna quickly go change.

Abby: okay

I walked up the grand staircase that lead to the second floor. There are three floors, the first has two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, screening room, indoor pool room, arcade, and a big open deck in the back. The second floor has a master bedroom, a bedroom for me, and ten guest rooms. Each has a walk-in closet and bathroom with a shower. Each room also connects to a larger second floor deck in the back that goes three-quarters of the way around the house. The third floor has a sports room, exercise room, bowling alley, bumper cars room, and a small little place wear we can make our own desserts. I'm not one of those people who would take this for granted. I feel lucky to have all of this and I always want to help others to make them fell luckier by going and donating anything to shelters. It makes me feel really good inside. I walked to my room and darted to my closet. I picked out my pajamas; a pair of hello kitty pj pants and a plain purple shirt. I shuffled over to my makeover area and put my hair in a messy bun on the lower side of my head. Satisfied I turned around and saw Harry.

Harry: I wanted to talk to you alone to ask you a few questions.

Megan: Sure, anything.

Harry: First, what is your instagram, can I have your cell number, and will you go out with me?

Megan: Valentines_Baby_214, ##########, and yes

Harry: you will?

Megan: Yeah.

Harry: Let's head down before they get worried and I love your pajamas by the way.

Megan: Yeah, thanks!

We walked down the stairs, hand in hand.

Louis: There you are!

They all started smiling big.

Abby: Are you dating now?

Megan: Yeah, I guess!

Harry: Yeah

They all came over to us and gave us a big group hug. When they finally let go, I could finally breathe. Liam and Abby were holding hands so I guess they were together. I better ask her later. We sat in a circle and began playing. The order went like this: Abby, Liam, Louis, Harry, Me, Zayn, Niall, Katie, and back to Abby.

Louis: I will go first. But first, do you girls like........CARROTS? 

Megan: WE love carrots Louis!!!!!!

Louis: Yay!!!!!! Anyway, Harry, Truth or Dare?

Harry: DARE

Louis: I dare you to kiss Megan on the lips

Harry turned to me and I looked at him. We closed our eyes and he came closer. He KISSED me. Ahhhhhhhhhhh....... I felt sparks and fireworks like I've never felt before. We ended and we both smiled. 

Harry: okay, Liam, Truth or DARE?

Liam almost never picked dare from what I've seen in the twitcams.

Liam: Dare

Everyone looked very surprised but he looked pretty confident.

Harry: Okay. I dare you to go to the neighbor next door on  the left for sugar in you boxers.

Liam: It's on like Donkey Kong

He stripped down to his underwear and we all walked outside and waited near the neighbors driveway. Harry took out his phone and started recording. Liam walked over to Miss Helmley's front door. He rang the doorbell and she answered 10 seconds later

Liam: Hello, I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar.

Miss Helmley: Ummmm, may I ask who you are?

We started laughing but not too loud.

Liam: Yes, I live across the street. My friend kicked me out until I get him some sugar. 

Miss Helmley: I understand. Why don't you wait right here and I'll get you some sugar.

Liam: Thank you

She walked inside and came back with some sugar.

Miss Helmley: Here you go.

Liam had a hat on so he took it and poured the sugar inside.

Liam: Why thank you

He put the hat on and started walking away

Miss Helmley: Your welcome young sir.


He came over to us while she closed her door. We walked over to my house and started laughing louder. We went back to truth or dare.

Two Hours Later

We decided to go to bed. Katie and Abby were staying on the two extra beds in my room. Harry stayed in the room on the left side of my room. Liam stayed in the room on the right. Niall was next to Liam's room and Zayn and Louis were after Niall's. 

The boys had all gone to bed but we talked for a little bit longer.

Megan: Abby, are you and Liam together?

Abby: Yeah!

M and K: OMG

Katie: Are you and Harry together?

Megan: Yeah!

M, A, and K: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

Abby: What about you and Niall?

Katie: We are good friends and I feel like I have known him for like forever! Maybe he'll ask me out soon!

Megan: Yeah. We should get to bed. We are going to have to make lot's of food tomorrow for breakfast. My mom has to go to work at four a.m. and my dad is gonna be asleep all day. Night

I walked over to my bed and fell asleep after.....

K and A: Night

A/N m_luvs_1d is my actual instagram account so please follow me and I hope you like this chapter a lot went on and it was a lot longer than my other chapters. Please enter my contest as of the last chapter and like, favorite and read more of the story. Thanks for all of the criticism and I will write once or twice tomorrow. Thanks for everything my kitties!

-Meg D 



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