Little Things

In 2012, Megan has a hard life. The popular crowd always get to her. She has the life
that nobody expects either. She lives in a mansion with her mom and dad. She has two best friends, Katie and Abby. While eating dinner one night, her father comes home from his months long job with a surprise in store for Megan. This is my first movella so I hope you like it and I will try to update whenever I get the chance. I also like help writing and comment and criticism are always nice!


11. Co-Author Contest

I am so sorry for not having the time to write so I am going to have a contest to help out with this problem. Please send me an email explaining why you would be perfect for this postition and tell me your Movella's Usename and a movella you have written that you would like me to read. Next month is going to be extra crazy beacuse I am in Drama club at school, play basketball, and have lots of after school activities and things like that. The musical we are putting on is The Musicman. I play Olin Britt, a Quartet member and part of the school board. Anyway, please email me at and please do not comment it. People may copy what you had to say. Thanks to everyone and I will end the contest on January 1st, New Years Day. Love you guys for making this possible.

-Meg D

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