Little Things

In 2012, Megan has a hard life. The popular crowd always get to her. She has the life
that nobody expects either. She lives in a mansion with her mom and dad. She has two best friends, Katie and Abby. While eating dinner one night, her father comes home from his months long job with a surprise in store for Megan. This is my first movella so I hope you like it and I will try to update whenever I get the chance. I also like help writing and comment and criticism are always nice!


1. Running

Megan's P.O.V


I was running from............THEM............the popular crowd. Through the forest, running past trees and creeks and wildlife, away from them all. You see, I'm not the prettiest or most popular flower in the garden. I'm more of a weed than anything else. That's why the most popular girl Brittany and her minions, Libby, Janice, and Christi  always gang up on me. They are the pretty, popular orchids and I'm the weed. I always get straight A's and barely have any friends. At least I have two, Abby Boutoe and Katie Evergreen. My name is Megan Denak. I am seventeen and have flat red hair. Not fiery red, but a little darker than that. Anyway, I try and stay as far away from THEM because whenever they see me, they have to do something. Like today, I was walking out of the school to walk home, they saw me, and they decided to chase me and call me Slut, Bitch, and other things like that. I always try to get miles away from them  but they always go after me. I got to the other side of the thick bushy forest to my house, leaving the scary place known as the outside world by closing my door. I stopped behind it trying to catch my breath and to look out the window and see if they were there.......nobody was there. I then sprinted up my huge staircase to get up to my room. My room was HUGE. It had a large walk-in closet and my own private bathroom. I had medium purple walls and a light purple carpet halfway through my room. The other half was hardwood because I had a make-up station and small kitchen for sleepovers. I sat at my make-up mirror and looked at all of my facial features; the dark sea colored eyes glued to my face covered by my light maroon colored glasses. the reddish hair on top of my head, and my fair skin and rosy cheeks on top of my bones.

I kept whispering to myself, "I am original. I am pretty. Nobody can tell me otherwise." "Megan, can you please come down to dinner?" questioned/yelled my mom. "Yeah, be right down." answered/yelled.

I looked down at my neon green sweats, deep blue Hollister shirt, and gray Uggs, ruined from my 'adventure' in the forest. I didn't care. Actually I should but I don't. Everyone at school, except my friends, think I live in some ratty, run-down apartment building, but I don't. I live in a mansion! My family and I live like royalty but are not famous in any way. My dad, actually, works with my favorite band while they are on tour, One Direction. He is a bodyguard only used during tours. It's been months since I've seen him, but he is coming back any minute now. I spring up and quickly inch my way down to the dining room. I sit down and the door up front is about to open. My dad walks in calmly with a surprise with him!



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