No such thing as ideal love

Conner is the school sports star and player, and he loves it. Jordan is just a hard working strait A student and she's happy staying that way. Now here's the fun thing about these two, they can't stand each other, it's a struggle just being in the same room. However Conner is determined to prove to Jordan that she is just one of many who can't resist his charms. Unfortunately for him, Jordan has a strong mind and when she says no she means it. Conner has never been rejected before and finds himself falling helplessly in love with Jordan, and suddenly she can see what all the others are talking about when they say his advances are almost impossible to resist. Jordan doesn't want to be in love with the school player, so isn't it a shame that her heart really doesn't care.


1. Prologue

Jordan's P.O.V

I stormed through the streets, Conner right on my heels. Anger and hatred tunnels through me like the blood rushing through my veins, yet passion and love still consume me like a tidal wave. Damn it, I don't want this! I don't want this emotion burning in me or this need. I was happier when I just hated him, wasn't I? Yes, I'm sure I was. Back when I knew Conner to be arrogant and a player and just a full blown asshole. Maybe I couldn't stand being in the same room as him but at least I wasn't dying till the next time I could see him, till the next time he tried to kiss me or put one of his muscular arms around me. I threw all those thoughts out of my head as I stomped through the rain, yes stomped like and adolescent. 

"Jordan! Jordan wait!" Conner demanded, grabbing hold of my arms and spinning me round. I ended up chest to chest with him, panting for breath from having walked for so long without stop. His eyes were glistening, was the school player actually crying over a girl? The thought was comical. 

"Let go of me! I hate you!" I yelled, attempting to pull free and failing badly. Conner simply pulled me closer, crushing me against him so that braking free would be almost impossible. Damn it I wanted his to let go, all these feeling and emotions were just too much for me. 

"Do you Jordan? Because baby when I look into your eyes It isn't hate I see. I love you Jordan, so tell me the truth. Do you really hate me? Because if you do I will leave you alone for good, think carefully." Conner says, his eyes are haunting. I feel tears swell in my eyes, no I don't hate him. How can I? He might be arrogant and pushy but he is also considerate, kind and loving. Oh so loving. I shake my head as the tears fall freely from my eyes, relief is evident on his face as I crumble into him. 

"No, no I don't hate you, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, I love you so much." I cry hysterically. Conner just holds me close and whispers words of comfort. 

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