No such thing as ideal love

Conner is the school sports star and player, and he loves it. Jordan is just a hard working strait A student and she's happy staying that way. Now here's the fun thing about these two, they can't stand each other, it's a struggle just being in the same room. However Conner is determined to prove to Jordan that she is just one of many who can't resist his charms. Unfortunately for him, Jordan has a strong mind and when she says no she means it. Conner has never been rejected before and finds himself falling helplessly in love with Jordan, and suddenly she can see what all the others are talking about when they say his advances are almost impossible to resist. Jordan doesn't want to be in love with the school player, so isn't it a shame that her heart really doesn't care.


4. Not the girl I knew

Conner's P.O.V

I watched as she walked away, her hips swaying to and fro. Damn if it wasn't a pretty sight, she had an amazing body. Though I would never admit it, Jordan was the kind of girl I was really interested in, not any of those dumb blondes that I really go out with. The only problem we have is that she hates me, though I'm sure that could easily be altered. At least, I hoped. I still remembered the first time I met Jordan, Melissa had just started going out with Alex and we were fifteen. Jordan had been wearing a short denim skirt that showed off her great legs, her top was green with a lilly on it. Her hair had been tied into a braided bun at the top of her head, she had looked so beautiful that it too me a moment to say anything. I never stopped thanking Melissa and Alex for introducing us, even when things between started turning bad. I wasn't sure what had happened, all I knew was that she suddenly hated me and I started acting like I hated her too. I still thought about how close we had gotten, how I felt about her. 

"Dude, are you ok?" Alex's voice knocked be back into the present day, he raised his eyebrow and I shrugged. The memory of Jordan from two years ago still haunted me, her smile when I walked into a room, how great we were... Damn, I had to stop thinking like that, she isn't that girl any more. Jordan is not the girl I knew, she changed and so did I. I focused back on Alex and tried to get back into a good mood.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just remembering something from a couple years ago." I said with another casual shrug. Of course I wasn't feeling casual at all. Alex smirked, which of course got me interested in what he was thinking. Before I could ask I saw Jordan walk back into the club, her black hair sprawled over one shoulder. 

"Let me guess, thinking about when you first met Jordan." Alex says and I snap my head around to face him, my eyes were probably the size of the sun. The smirk on Alex's face was almost comical, well it would be if he hadn't just aught me thinking about a girl I was supposed to hate. 

"Wha... how... how the hell did you know that?!" I asked him in disbelief. 

"Dude, you forget I stay round your house almost every weekend and I can't ever seem to get any sleep because you keep moaning her name." Alex said and the smirk was now a full on grin. "Plus I know how you felt about her a couple years ago, I don't know why you two never got together." Neither did I. What had I felt for her a couple of years ago? I would never admit it, but apparently I already had, without even realising it. A slow smile spread across my face as I came up with a plan, and Alex was going to help me.



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