No such thing as ideal love

Conner is the school sports star and player, and he loves it. Jordan is just a hard working strait A student and she's happy staying that way. Now here's the fun thing about these two, they can't stand each other, it's a struggle just being in the same room. However Conner is determined to prove to Jordan that she is just one of many who can't resist his charms. Unfortunately for him, Jordan has a strong mind and when she says no she means it. Conner has never been rejected before and finds himself falling helplessly in love with Jordan, and suddenly she can see what all the others are talking about when they say his advances are almost impossible to resist. Jordan doesn't want to be in love with the school player, so isn't it a shame that her heart really doesn't care.


5. Heart break (Flashback)

Jordan's P.O.V

"Oh my god Jordan, I just know you are going to love the boys, well Alex at least." Melissa said with  giggle. Oh brother, here we go again. every time Melissa thought of her boyfriend she got all puppy eyed, it creped me out to an extent. Just then I heard Melissa scream, I spun around, ready to kick someone's ass when I saw two boys. One of which was snogging my best friend. I sighed in relief.

"So, has she been driving you as crazy as he has been driving me. It wouldn't be fair otherwise." The  guy not kissing Melissa said, as I looked over at him I realised he was pretty cute. His hair a chestnut brown and his eyes were green with flecks of blue in them. He had a strong, well shaped jaw. I smiled and nodded my head, acting as though I was relived she was currently occupied, which I kind of was.

"Absolutely, I almost strangled her this morning." I said as I rolled my eyes, the guy smiled and the sound was almost musical. He held out his hand and when I put him in his, he gave a gentle squeeze. 

"I'm Conner, what's your name pretty girl." He flirted. It was cute, or it would be if I hadn't sworn off all boys after my last boyfriend Eric. Eric had been a cheating, manipulative, user but he had broken my heart. I haven't trusted a single guy since, not even my friends. I never held my guy friends to any promises they made, when my dad said he would come to my singing shows I didn't expect him to, and I was always right.

"I'm Jordan." I said and smiled right back at him. I hadn't noticed that Melissa And Alex had Stop kissing and where now looking at me and Conner. They were both staring at us, Mellisa had a cheeky smile on her face and I glared at her. I didn't have to be her best friend to know what her thoughts were, that look said it all. Conner eased away from me, he stood back with his arms crossed against his chest.

"So... Where are we going?" He asked, Alex and Melissa looked at eachother, then back at us.

"This place we know, it is a great place where we can talk and get to know eachother." She said trying to sound casual, and failed badly. I raised my eyebrow at her but she acted like I wasn't even there, oh yeah she was up to something. As long as it didn't get me killed I didn't care, so we all piled into Melissa's car and drove off to the place that Alez and Melissa knew of. We all did get to know eachother, and at the end of the day we were all fine, I guessed Melissa hadn't had a plan after all.


6 Months later

The music pounded in my ears, everything seemed to be in techni-colour. The alcohol in my system slowed everything down, my eyes felt like they belonged to someone else. It was some time after eleven, no, midnight and I wondered if I had remembered to tell my mother I was staying with... someone. I tried to let my mind trial back, I had told her. Well, that was good then. I pushed my way throught the crowd searching for Conner, I was only here because he invited me and I didn't know anyone here. Melissa and Alex had bailed, I remembered them telling me to be careful of Conner's other friends, though I couldn't understand why. I spotted Conner by the drinks table.

"Hey Conner, how are you so-" My next words were crushed beneath his kiss. It was so sudden, so strange, so amazing. Passion ignited as he crushed me against him, his hands gripped my hips with a bruising strength. My hands wound into his hair and I made it impossible for him to leave, not that he was trying. The kiss was hot, deep. My mind went blank as his lips fiercly asaulted mine. Conner ripped away from me, disapointment surged through me, heart ach ripped through me when his next words came.

"I'm sorry, I'm drunk and I wasn't thinking. I thought you were this girl I met earlier... I really am sorry Jordy." Conner said, using the nickname he came me. Rage soon followed the heart ach, until it consumed me.

"Whatever Conner, and you know what, I hate that stupid nickname you gave me. My name is Jordan, not Jordy! Learn the differance!" I growled and then pushed my way over to the door, Conner called my name but I refused to look back.


The Next Day

Melissa met me at the front entrance of the school, normally she met with Alex and he drove her to school but I had called her the night before and asked her to walk with me. I refused to tell her what was up, she would tell Alex who would tell Conner. I knew it was wrong to think I couldn't trust Melissa but she did have a track record of blurting things out, weather it was on purpose or not. I was moody all through my first three lessons, and when I saw Conner at lunch my mood turnd from bad to foul.

"Hey Jordan, we need to talk." He said as he made his way over, I knew what had to happen, but it would still hurt to know that it was going to.

"No Conner, we don't." I said as I began to walk past him, I didn't get far before he grabbed my wrist and spun me round. We stood face to face for a few minutes in slience until he finally spoke.

"Listen, about last night-"

"I don't want to talk about last night, what I want is for you to leave me alone. I can't be your friend, not now. So why don't you go back to your jock friends and tell them all about whatever girl you have on your arm this week, my point is, I want you to leave me alone and never talk to me again!" I shouted and ripped my hand away. Pain clawed at my chest, I knew the tears would come later but for now I held them back. My eyes landed on Mellisa and Alex who were standing with said jock friends, all of them looked at my with open jaws and surprise written all over their faces. I stromed out of the luch hall and ran down the hall to the girl's bathroom, I had done it. I had pushed Conner away. Now all I had to do was make sure Conner never learned just how much I loved him.

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