No such thing as ideal love

Conner is the school sports star and player, and he loves it. Jordan is just a hard working strait A student and she's happy staying that way. Now here's the fun thing about these two, they can't stand each other, it's a struggle just being in the same room. However Conner is determined to prove to Jordan that she is just one of many who can't resist his charms. Unfortunately for him, Jordan has a strong mind and when she says no she means it. Conner has never been rejected before and finds himself falling helplessly in love with Jordan, and suddenly she can see what all the others are talking about when they say his advances are almost impossible to resist. Jordan doesn't want to be in love with the school player, so isn't it a shame that her heart really doesn't care.


6. go to hell

Conner's P.O.V

On Monday morning I found Jordan with Melissa by their lockers, it was a routine they had worked out after Jordan stopped talking to me, or after I failed to go after her, however you wanted to think about it. The point was that she was standing their, her bitch persona clearly still making it's usual appearance, at least around me. It hurt when I saw her smiling around other guys, flirting. What did they have that I didn't, how had they managed to win her kind side? It was the one thing I had failed to do, at least permanently. Her hair was sprawled over her shoulders like usual and she was wearing a black vest top with faded out dark blue jeans, a vision of beauty, not that I would ever tell her that. Not yet. Melissa was eyeing me as she spoke to Jordy. Jordan, I reminded myself sternly. Jordan finally noticed the weary glances Melissa was sending me and turned, her frown became profound when she saw me. I stopped leaning against the wall and walked up to them, Jordan stopped frowning and full out scowled at me. 

"Hello Melissa, Jordy." I said. Jordan froze upon hearing her old nickname, at least I knew it still affected her. I couldn't help but smile at her response, until a devious smile curled her lips.

"Hi, Conny." She answered, I glared at her. She used to call me that and she knew I hated it, it sounded like a girl's name. Jordan was the only one I ever let call me that, and that was only because she promised never to call me it in public. 

"Harsh Jordan, harsh." I growled playfully, I could see by the way her eyes widened that she had been surprised by my actions. I smiled at the thought, it was cute that I could surprise her. It took me a moment to see the playfulness that jumped about in her eyes, even as her aura beamed with hostility. It was a sight for sore eyes. Melissa glanced between the two of us, Jordan didn't seem to notice the smile that glimpsed across her lips for a second but I sure did, she was pleased that we weren't arguing for once. I hoped this meant I had her approval, not that I really cared. "So Jordan, if I were to ask you out on Saturday  what would you say?" I asked, pretending to be casual. In all honesty I expected the answer she gave me.

"I would say go to hell." She said before giving me the finger and stalking off. I chuckled to myself, this was going to be fun. I loved seeing her eyes darken when she got angry, it proved I could still get a reaction from her. With one last chuckle I headed to my next class, yep, this was going to be a lot of fun.


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