No such thing as ideal love

Conner is the school sports star and player, and he loves it. Jordan is just a hard working strait A student and she's happy staying that way. Now here's the fun thing about these two, they can't stand each other, it's a struggle just being in the same room. However Conner is determined to prove to Jordan that she is just one of many who can't resist his charms. Unfortunately for him, Jordan has a strong mind and when she says no she means it. Conner has never been rejected before and finds himself falling helplessly in love with Jordan, and suddenly she can see what all the others are talking about when they say his advances are almost impossible to resist. Jordan doesn't want to be in love with the school player, so isn't it a shame that her heart really doesn't care.


2. Clubbing

Conner's P.O.V

I laughed with my friends as we left the locker room, they hadn't said anything particularly funny but it felt good to laugh. Training had knocked most of the humour out of me these last few days. Fortunately my team and I were going to go to that new dance club that just opened up for eighteens and older, my friend Alex had told me that his girlfriend and her best friend would be there, the only problem I had with that is that fact that his girlfriend's best friend and I hate each other. Alex's girlfriend is Melissa Drake and her best friend happened to be Jordan Jonas, Jordan was hot for sure, my problem with her is that she is such a know-it-all. She is one of those strait A girls who always assume that they know more than you, she is also head strong and unbelievably stubborn. As I approached Alex I saw the two girls with him, Melissa tucked underneath his arm and Jordan sat in the corner reading a book. That was just such regular sight to me now that I was able to completely ignore her. 

"Hey man." Alex called out as he saw me coming, Jordan looked up and a look of annoyance crosses her face before she starts reading again. I almost want to laugh at her, this wasn't exactly my idea of a pleasant meeting either. However I let my eyes roam over her, she was wearing black faded skinny jeans and a midnight blue top with sequins on it to make it look like a stary night sky. Her raven chair was sprawled over her shoulder messily, and it's totally hot! Damn it this was not fair, why did the one girl I hate have to be the one that I find the most beautiful. Hell, beautiful isn't even an adequate enough word. 

"Hey Alex, Melissa... Jordan, still being a know it all?" I asked, tying to sound casual. I wanted her to get angry, blush and scream and yell at me but or course she doesn't do any of that. No, Jordan is way to calm for that. 

"That depends Conner, are you still a selfish, arrogant son of a bitch?" She replies pleasantly, as though we were conversing about the weather. Alex and Melissa watched us carefully, obviously ready to separate us if they need to. Of course they didn't, Jordan went back to her book and I went back to ignoring her. Alex and I made plans to meet at the club tonight at half eight I saw the girls exchange a glance of what looked like worry but decided to ignore it. By the time I left, the girls had gone to class and I found myself thinking about Jordan.

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