What Happens When One Dream and One Direction Combine?

This is introducing the characters to you.


1. we can't believe we won

By:Yanelis Cruceta
What happens when One Dream and One Direction combine?
Chapter One:Can't Believe We Won!
One day Janice,Amber,Jacqueline,Hana,and I entered a meet One Direction contest.None of us thought we could win but the next day I got a text saying that we won.I ran over to the girls at the park and told them.We all screamed.At first they didn't believe me.Then,I showed them the text.The,I scrolled down and saw something I didn't see last time.It said "What is your groups name?" We all started to think.Finally, I suggested our group name would be One Dream.We all agreed to that.Then, I scrolled down and saw that they were going to come to our school, Princeton Academy High School at 8:20am tommorow. So we started to prepare for tommorow and hope for the best.
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