What Happens When One Dream and One Direction Combine?

This is introducing the characters to you.


3. The Uprising Problem

So the boys surprise us by telling us that they transferred to Princeton Academy High School.We screamed and hugged them.They said the reason they transferred is because we seemed like really cool girls and they wanted to get to know us better.Then, these girls come up and start flirting with Harry,Niall,Louis,Zayn and Liam.They tried backing off but the girls tried stronger and stronger to impress them.Finally, Hana said, "Leave them alone,they would never like you!"One of the girls tried to punch Hana until I went in front of her,blocked her hand and kicked her in the stomach."Nice try,"I say.Then, it started a chic fight.The guys tried breaking it up but they were no match for us.We fought until the girls were bleeding and on the floor.I said "Thats what you get".The girls went to the nurse.So the boys took us by the hand and walked to different directions.Niall took Amber to the hallway.Harry took Hana outside.Zayn took Jacqueline in front of her locker.Liam took Janice to the Janitors closet.Louis took me in front of the teachers.We all kissed at the same time with tongue.It was for ten minutes.Harry asked Hana out on a date to the park and Louis asked me out to the beach.Naturally,Hana and I said yes.It was that afternoon at 4:30pm for Hana and for me it was 8:00pm.Then, we all went to class but as we left the boys, we smiled.
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