What Happens When One Dream and One Direction Combine?

This is introducing the characters to you.


9. The Other Askings

So now it. Was Tuesday. I went to my locker, got my things and told my friends about what happened yesterday. They screamed
"OH!" barely all day long. I smiled because i saw Louis at my locker at lunchtime like I told him to be.
"Hey you," he said.
"Hi," I said.
"I had fun on our date," I continued.
"Me too," he said. He continued on by saying,
"So Yanelis, what did you want to tell me?" I asked my voice trembling,
"Did my dad scare you yesterday?"
"No, I was kind of flattered because your father likes me."
"Good," I said in relief. I held his hand and said,
"Maybe after school we should..." I would have finished my sentence but Niall slammed into the lockers in-between Louis and me. He asked, "Whe is Amber?" I pointed to the water fountain where Amber was surrounded by boys. Louis and I were still holding hands but we followed Niall to Amber. Niall asked one of the boys if he could borrow Amber for a second. He said,
"No." Niall said,
"Well to bad." He took Amber by the arm. Amber asked,
"Yes Niall?" He asked, "Amber Acosta will you do me the honor of going out with me?" Amber yelped,
"Yes," and hugged him. Louis and I ran up to them and said congratulations. Niall asked,
"Can we go on a double date, to take less pressure off of it?" Louis said,
"Of course we can."
"So were. Areas going?" I asked. He said,
"We are going to a restaurant called Ryan's Restaurant," said Niall.
"Okay, so are we going to were dresses?" Amber asked me.
"Yeah," I said. Louis and Niall whispered into each others ears. Louis said,
"Yanelis, can you wear a short dress, I would love to see you in one."
"You too Amber," Niall said. I said to Louis,
"Maybe if you're a "Good Boy"," and I winked at him. Our hands met each others again. Niall asked,
"Are you two together?"
"No," Louis said.
"Then why do you keep holding hands?" Amber asked us. I said,
"Because I...um okay I'll just let go of Louis's hand." Then, the bell rang and it was time for class.
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