What Happens When One Dream and One Direction Combine?

This is introducing the characters to you.


8. My Surprising Date

I ran to the beach one minute before Louis was there.
"Hey there cutie," I said.
"Hello," Louis said.
"You ready to go?"
"Yeah," I said. So weran onto the sand of the beach. I took off my shirt and short-shorts in front of him.
"You look cute for onur date," Louis said. I blushed.
"Well I wanted to impress you,did I?" I said.
"Yes, yes you did," he said. Then, next thing I knew was that Louis said,
"Race ya." I said,
"Louis I don't think that's a good idea," but before I could finish my sentence Louis fell over a rock and was on the sand. I ran over to Louis and said,
"Oh my god Louis, are you okay?" He said,
"Yeah I'm fine." I tried helping him up but he pulled me down onto him. He pulled me close and kissed me. It was for a LONG time. Then, I pulled away saying,
"Wow." He said,
"I feel the same way when I'm with you." Next thing you know I'm kissing him some more. I felt safe with Louis; it was like I was with a dog. A dog is cute and cuddly and on the inside he's warm-hearted yet tough at the same time. I told Louis,
"I feel same when I'm with you." He said,
"I know the feeling." So I just hugged him and we looked at the moonlight. As we were walking home, I took hold of Louis hand and gave it a squeeze and he squeezed my hand back. I smiled. When we were at my house, I kissed Louis with tongue until my dad opened the door and saw us kissing or technically "making out."
"Yanelis, you have school tomorrow go to bed," my dad said.
"And who is this boy?" Louis said,
"I'm Louis Tomlinson, nice to meet you sir," he said shaking my father's hand. My father said,
"Nice to meet you too, listen you seem like a really nice person and you should come over some day." Louis hesitated. I knew it was too much for him to handle so I said,
"No it's alright, you don't have to." Louis said,
"Okay I will come over one day," Louis said. He shook my fathers hand and said good night. I said bye to Louis. I whispered in his ear to meet me at my locker tomorrow at lunch. He said okay to that, so as I walked in Yadelis flickered her tongue at me. I laughed. She was making fun of me because I kissed Louis and she saw it. I was proud and I couldn't wait until tomorrow.
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