What Happens When One Dream and One Direction Combine?

This is introducing the characters to you.


4. It Begins

After school, we girls said goodbye to them. Liam asked,
"When are we going to meet again?" Jacqueline answered,
"Tomorrow silly, we have school tomorrow. Today's only Monday."
"Right, okay," answered Niall. So the guys went onto their car and left while we girls walked to Janice's house. So while we were walking, we told each other about what happened. Amber gasped.
"Harry asked you out?" Amber said to Hana. Jacqueline gasped,
"Louis asked you out!" Jacqueline said to me. Hana and I said,
"Do we have to repeat it?" We laughed.
"So what are you going to wear?" Janice asked.
"I dunno," Hana said. I asked,
"Can we pick it out at your house? I got a lot of things we can wear at your house."
"Sure," Janice said.
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