Tessa's Story

Tessa Jackson has been bullied since the 8th grade and has never had a break. The "popular" people, David and Nadia and their followers, bully her because she didn't have to try to get all the boys to like her, she didn't have to try to be pretty, and she didn't have to try to have a nice life. When they asked her into their group in the 8th grade and she said no, it all started. The bullied her to make her seem small, weak, unwanted. Tessa's whole world changes into a dark, lonely place. But Tessa's whole world changes again when she meets this one guy that makes her feel special, wanted, strong, and big. She gains back confidence with his help. But when she sees him supposedly cheating on her, will she be able to stay strong, or collapse and become what she was before?


15. Wedding Preparation

Nicole and I walked out of our apartment that we shared, searching for wedding dresses. Nicole's mom was meeting us there. Sandy was away, so she hasn't heard about the engagement yet. Jack's ten and staying with a friend, plus he couldn't care less about me.
When we arrived at the store, we saw Nicole's mom looking around while she waited for us. "Hi, Mom!" Nicole called.
"Oh, hello, darlings!" Ms. Hohn said. "Hello, Tessa!"
"Hello, Mrs. Hohn," I said cheerfully.
"Please, call me Teresa."
I smiled. "We have the same name."
Teresa laughed. "Yes, well, are you ready to shop till we drop?"
"TOTALLY!" Nicole and I said at the same time.
Nicole eyed some of the dresses. Then she pulled a few off of the rack. "Go try those on."
"Not until I find some for you..." I trailed off as I looked for a dress or two for Nicole. I pulled three and shoved them at her.
We changed into the first dress. Nicole came out wearing one that was a little low at the top and too tight. I was wearing one that was way too ruffly.
Teresa took one look and said, "No."
Nicole and I then changed into the second ones. Nicole came out wearing a pale sky blue dress with beads and sequins on the bodice, and the strings of beads trailed down the skirt. I was wearing a white one with a rosette at the waist.
"Nicole, you want that dress!" Teresa said. "Tessa, you might want a different one."
"I agree." I said.
Nicole went back to change into her clothes. I put on the next one. It was a really pale sea blue dress with a white band at my waist and a white rosette.
"Perfect!" Teresa said. "Absolutely beautiful."
I smiled. "Glad we're on the same page. I'll go change."
Just then Nicole stepped out. She caught her breath. "Absolutely stunning!"
I blushed. "Thanks."
After changing, we went to Starbucks and started talking about wedding plans. We made out the guest list and began looking for a place. I just know my wedding day will be the happiest of my days.
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