Tessa's Story

Tessa Jackson has been bullied since the 8th grade and has never had a break. The "popular" people, David and Nadia and their followers, bully her because she didn't have to try to get all the boys to like her, she didn't have to try to be pretty, and she didn't have to try to have a nice life. When they asked her into their group in the 8th grade and she said no, it all started. The bullied her to make her seem small, weak, unwanted. Tessa's whole world changes into a dark, lonely place. But Tessa's whole world changes again when she meets this one guy that makes her feel special, wanted, strong, and big. She gains back confidence with his help. But when she sees him supposedly cheating on her, will she be able to stay strong, or collapse and become what she was before?


16. The Wedding

It's been a month and today's the day! Nicole and I are in our dresses, in our dressing room, waiting to be called.
Finally Nicole's mom came and got us. They started the music and we walked through the doors and down the aisle.
Harry and Zayn caught their breath. I felt like I was floating down the aisle, carried by angels.
We reached the boys.
The preacher began his speech, and at last came the I Do's.
"I do," I said.
"I do," Zayn said.
"I do," Nicole said.
"I do," Harry said.
"Gentleman," the preacher said. "You may now kiss the bride."
The boys leaned in, and it was the most magical moment of all time.

~~~The After Party~~~

Zayn and I handed out cake to our guests, and same with Harry and Nicole.
We ate and danced and had a wonderful time. I know I'll have the best time with Zayn.

The End


I'm really sorry for the short chapter. All of the fun in the story had kinda gone out, so yeah... I can promise it won't happen with any if my other movellas!
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