Tessa's Story

Tessa Jackson has been bullied since the 8th grade and has never had a break. The "popular" people, David and Nadia and their followers, bully her because she didn't have to try to get all the boys to like her, she didn't have to try to be pretty, and she didn't have to try to have a nice life. When they asked her into their group in the 8th grade and she said no, it all started. The bullied her to make her seem small, weak, unwanted. Tessa's whole world changes into a dark, lonely place. But Tessa's whole world changes again when she meets this one guy that makes her feel special, wanted, strong, and big. She gains back confidence with his help. But when she sees him supposedly cheating on her, will she be able to stay strong, or collapse and become what she was before?


12. Riding Again

I finally got my cast off! As soon as we got home I bolted for the barn. I saddled up Snick and bolted out the door into the field. This felt SO good! The wind, the rush, the...everything!
After an hour I came back. I saw I had a new text from Zayn but I deleted it. He's not going to put me in a bad mood.
I sat on the couch and decided to play my guitar, when I heard the doorbell.
I opened the door. Oh great.
"What do you want, Zayn?"
"Please! Just let me explain."
Suddenly I got an idea. "Come in, but before you start ranting on, I want you to listen to something."
I started to play and sing We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, but in my anger I had changed the lyrics. It now went, "I remember when we first met, you helped me, to get back on me feet, cause like I'd been getting bullied non-stop. But then you went and cheated. Then you come around again and say, please, baby just let me explain, trust me, I really don't want to hear it. I say, I hate you, you call me: I love you," then the rest.
When I was done, he said, "I don't have another chance do I?"
I said, "It depends. You have to show me you care."
"But you won't let me!"
"You have to prove you're worthy of a second chance. There are ways, Zayn. Just do you really love me enough to do it?" I said, then got up and showed him the door.
I don't know if he's brave enough to do it, but...well...he wouldn't stop. I know he knows what i mean about what he needs to do. But I can't give him a second chance until I make sure I know he loves me. I don't need another broken heart all over again.

~ At School ~

"Hey, Tessa," David said, sauntering over.
"Go away. Now. You are NOT bullying me any longer!" I said. "You're a jerk, a bully, and just mean. So go away and don't ever talk to me again!"
David looked surprised. I'd never stood up for myself before. He backed away. Nicole came over and gave me a high-five. "Nice one!"
I laughed. Then I saw Zayn. He mouthed, "Just wait till lunch. Just wait. I'm not chicken. Not at all."
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