Tessa's Story

Tessa Jackson has been bullied since the 8th grade and has never had a break. The "popular" people, David and Nadia and their followers, bully her because she didn't have to try to get all the boys to like her, she didn't have to try to be pretty, and she didn't have to try to have a nice life. When they asked her into their group in the 8th grade and she said no, it all started. The bullied her to make her seem small, weak, unwanted. Tessa's whole world changes into a dark, lonely place. But Tessa's whole world changes again when she meets this one guy that makes her feel special, wanted, strong, and big. She gains back confidence with his help. But when she sees him supposedly cheating on her, will she be able to stay strong, or collapse and become what she was before?


2. Bullied - HARD.

I was walking down the hall thinking I'd better hurry, because I only had maybe a half a minute? before the ball rang, and I needed to hurry. I was only five more steps from the door to my math class, when all of a sudden I slipped. I fell right on my ankle, and a searing pain shot up through it. I looked up, and saw...David. 
  "What did you do, David?" I asked, fighting through the pain.
  "Poured water on the floor, just for you!" he laughed and walked away, disappearing into the door right before the bell rang. 
  I tried to call out for help, but the pain in my ankle was too much to bear, and all I could do was lay there. Of course, I thought. I knew it was impossible to have a good day. Tears started to slide down my face, one at a time. My binder and books lay on the floor, I had dropped them when I slipped.
  No one came walking through the halls, carrying an agenda as a hall pass to go to their locker or the bathroom. Just my luck. As soon as I'm immobile, laying on the floor, no one has to go to the bathroom. I had to lay there for the rest of the period, crying and thinking about my miserable life.
  When the bell rang, no one gave me a second look. I would have bet a hundred bucks that David passed a note around, telling them not to help me. Just then Mrs. Dill came out. She saw me and stopped short.
  "Tessa!" she exclaimed. "What happened?"
  "I, um, I...slipped. I fell on my ankle and it hurts, a lot."
  "Oh, honey! Let's get you to the nurse, I'll tell all of your teachers what happened and you can be excused from homework."
  "Thanks, Mrs. Dill," I said. 
  She helped me up and we walked, well, she walked and I hopped on one foot, to the nurse's office. I sat down on one of those tables with paper on it, and Mrs. Dill left. She gave me one last word of encouragement before she left, and then I was in the capable hands of the nurse.
  "Now, what happened, exactly?" she asked.
  "I slipped on a puddle of spilled water and landed on my ankle," I said. That was true. "And a searing pain shot up my leg when I landed on it."
  "Ah ha! Let me just...does that hurt?"
  "YE-EAH! That HURTS!" I said. She had pressed a spot on my ankle and it hurt like crap!
  "Your ankle's broken. I will...have to call your mom...and have her...take you...to the hospital," she said while reaching for the phone and grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. She asked me to write my mom's phone number down, so I wrote Sandy's, and then she called. 
  "Hi, yes, Mrs. Jackson, yes, I am good, thank you, how are you? Good, um, well, Ms. Tessa here, seems to have broken her ankle, you're going to have to take her to the hospital. Well, she slipped and fell, and she landed on her ankle pretty hard, so now it's broken. Ok, thank you," the nurse said, and then she hang up. 
  "Your mom will be here to take you to the hospital shortly," she said to me.
  "Step mom," I said quietly. "And thanks."
  "You are welcome. Until you get to the hospital, you're just going to have to hop."
  "Ok," I said quietly. "Thanks."
  "Alright, I have another patient, um, I'll ask someone from the office to come get you and help you outside. Ok?"
  And then I was being helped down by Mrs. Kimberly, walked out side, and got into Sandy's truck.
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