Tessa's Story

Tessa Jackson has been bullied since the 8th grade and has never had a break. The "popular" people, David and Nadia and their followers, bully her because she didn't have to try to get all the boys to like her, she didn't have to try to be pretty, and she didn't have to try to have a nice life. When they asked her into their group in the 8th grade and she said no, it all started. The bullied her to make her seem small, weak, unwanted. Tessa's whole world changes into a dark, lonely place. But Tessa's whole world changes again when she meets this one guy that makes her feel special, wanted, strong, and big. She gains back confidence with his help. But when she sees him supposedly cheating on her, will she be able to stay strong, or collapse and become what she was before?


4. A Possible Friend

Tessa's P.O.V.

  When we got home I headed straight upstairs to practice my guitar playing. I sat down on my bed and began to practice "We Are Never Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift. I was getting good at it, and I wanted to perfect it. 
  "I remember when we broke up, the first time, saying this is it, I've had enough," I sang. "Cause, like, we hadn't seen each other in a month. When you, said you, needed space. What? Then you come around again and say baby I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change. Trust me, remember how that lasted for a day? I say I hate you, we brake up, you call me: I love you." Yes! I thought. I got through it with out making a mistake. 
  "But, ooh, we called it off again, last night. But, ooh, this time, I'm telling you, I'm telling you! We! Are never ever ev-. Darn it! I was so close!" I sighed. Darn tricky hand moves. 
  But hey, you were close! The optimistic voice said.
  Bet you'll never get it, the un-optimistic voice said.
  BE QUIET! I "yelled" at them. I AM TRYING TO PLAY!
  I got to where I was before, and then made the same mistake. Maybe the voice was right. Maybe I'll never get it, I thought. I decided to take a break and go to the barn. Maybe Snickerdoodle would cheer me up, I thought. So I sprinted down the stairs, put on my chucks, well, chuck because of my cast, and sprinted toward the barn.

  When I woke up the next morning, not only did i wake up on a tear-soaked pillow, I dreaded trying to face school. I was sure I was going to have to face the first of many days in which I was teased and bullied about my cast. 
  Little did I know someone would talk to me, and that the words that someone said were going to get me through the teasing. 
  When I arrived at school, I headed for my locker, only to be stopped by David and the rest of the populars.
  I sighed. "What do you want, David?" I asked, wearily.
  "I want to know how much damage I gave your foot."
  "You broke it. Now, good bye," I said as I tried to walk past them.
  David stopped me. "I broke it? Or you broke it with your extremely ridiculous clutziness."
  "David, leave me alone," I said, tears starting to form.
  "Aw, look, she crying like the little baby that she is!" Nadia said. 
  "C'mon, Tessa," David said. "Join us and we'll leave you alone! You'd be one of us!"
  "No. I am not joining you. Then I'd be just as bad of a person as you are."
  "Tessa, we tried. Tried to save you from this pain! But you wouldn't listen. We warned you from the treatment that everyone else out of our group gets"
  "David! I am the only one that gets the 'treatment!' If I didn't go to this school, no one here would be bullied. You'd just be the popular people that every school has. Now good bye," I said. I pushed past them and went to my locker.
  Once I found my locker I sat down and leaned up against it, crying. No one gave me any attention, and I was glad.
  I finally stopped and opened my locker. I shoved my stuff inside, and then I headed for Language Arts. David was in this class, so I dreaded it. I sat down in my seat and tried to look like I hadn't been crying for the last five minutes. 
  To pass the time away, I opened my pocket and looked at the pictures. I finally snapped it shut and studied the front. It was a silver heart, with a smaller, white marble-looking heart in the middle. The silver part had a vine-looking design on it, so it looked like the white marble-looking heart had a frame that was silver with a vine pattern on it. And then, of course in the middle there was a pink rose with a green stem.
  It had been my mother's, and she had given it to me right before the ship hit a rock and began to sink. 
  Tears slid down my face thinking about it. I didn't have much time for my tears to begin to flow heavily, so I didn't have much trouble trying to stop them, because then the bell rang.
  Half way into the class, I had to go to the bathroom. 
  "Mrs. Vili?" I asked. Mrs. Vili was Russian, and so she had the weird last name of "Vili." 
  "Can I go to the bathroom?"
  "Fill out your agenda."
  "Ok." I did and then she signed it. And then I left.
  As I walked to the bathroom, I wondered what I would do if one of the "popular" girls were in the bathroom. I decided I would just ignore her, no matter what she said.
  Thankfully, there wasn't anyone, so I was able to go in and out pretty quickly. I walked to the door to open it and head back to class.
  Instead, when I opened it, the door hit a guy who was passing the girl's bathroom to go to the boys.
  "I'm so sorry!" I said. I figured if he were anyone that went to this school, which he was, he would get all mad and accuse me of doing that on purpose or something. 
  But, to my utter surprise, he turned and said, "It's ok, I've done THAT so many times to people it's not even funny."
  I laughed and studied the guy at the same time. He had black hair styled up in a quiff, with a highlight going up into it. He had warm, brown eyes that instantly made me want to stare into them all day. But instead, after I finished laughing, I said, "But, aren't you going to, like, want to punch me in the face?"
  He laughed and then said, "Oh, wait. You're serious?"
  I nodded.
  He looked confused, but then seemed to understand. "Are you...Tessa?"
  I nodded again.
  "I've seen what they do to you, and it's wrong. I'm sorry."
  I shrugged. "I'm used to it."
  "But that doesn't make it right."
  "I know." He sighed. "What's your name?" I asked him.
  "Zayn. Zayn Malik."
  "Oh, you're in that band from One Direction, right?"
  "Yep. Just got off the X-Factor."

(A.N. - I like Zayn's new hair style better, so I am pretending he had it during the X-Factor)
  "Must be nice to actually have a life where people don't bully you," I said wistfully.
  "Yeah," was all he said.
  I suddenly got a bad thought. "You're not talking to me so you can get me up on stage and then embarrass me, are you?"
  He laughed, then saw I was serious. "Someone did that to you?" he asked.
  "It's just what people do," I said.
  "It still doesn't make it right!"
  "I KNOW that!" I said, exasperated.
  Zayn and I both laughed. He finally said, "I better go."
  "Yeah, me too." 
  As I walked up the ramp, Zayn said, "And Tessa?"
  "Just remember that one person cares, okay?"
  I nodded. 
  As I disappeared around the corner, the optimistic voice said, See! Someone DOES care!
  Please, he's playing you, the other one said. 
  I sighed and said aloud, "Maybe you're right. Maybe...maybe he was just being nice and is playing me like I play the guitar."
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