The human race was almost destroyed. The world turned on it. The city of Keln was built, a stronghold for what little remained of the human race. They were safe. Until something stirred in the shadows.


4. The Creature

Everyone nodded sadly. Linet nodded to herself, satisfied with her work." Come on everyone!" she called out, all eyes on her. She got several more nods as she began to make her way out of the house. "Any of you know somewhere safe? Somewhere we can all bunk down?" She looked desperately around at all the faces.
"I think I know..." someone answered, "back, down in the subway?"
"Been there," Linet said, shivering at her experience from last night, "although, it wasn't too bad... maybe we could try there..." She motioned everyone to follow, running down the street. Minutes later they arrived at the nearest entrance to the subway, half a mile away from where Linet had left last night. All of them, with eyes wide, walked down the steps with the wind whistling down the tunnel. They came into the darkness and, after a thorough look, decided it was safe enough.

Linet sat down, motioning with her hands that the others followed. In moments, they were all arranged in a circle. Linet looked solemnly at the others. "We need a watch, night shifts. People who will wake up the others if they see anything. We need to arrange something, something that would allow us all sleep but keep us safe too."

Half an hour later, the first shift was standing, watching. Two people, one on either side of their sleeping friends. Soon after, around an hour later, the next shift came. And then the next. The next shift was Linet's, watching with Philippa. Half of their shift went without anything. Until on Linet's side, something moved. The shadows made it hard to see, but there was something there. It's eyes were white, yet they seemed to be glowing. "Philippa!" Linet whispered, trying not to draw attention. She heard the answer.
"I think we have a problem."
"Should we wake them?"
"Yes." Linet heard Philippa moving between the bodies, waking them all, then
she came over herself, peering into the darkness.
"What is that?" She asked, squinting at the figure.
"I don't know. I think... I think it's one of the infected."
Before Philippa answered, the creature moved nearer, it's hands coming into a shaft of moonlight. Linet gulped, not taking her eyes of the long fingers. Each one, and there were three on each hand, was tipped with a claw. More of the others were coming over now, curious.
The creature moved forwards again, Showing it's head. Linet stared in horror, the small pointed horns on the top of it's head, the wide, pupil-less eyes. It tilted it's head at them showing it had no mouth, then started humming. There was no better word for it, the creature started humming an eerie tune, outside and further down the tunnel, more could be heard, all humming the same tune, all together. The creature advanced still, showing it's full body, it's long, curling tail, it's long arms. Soon the full, horrible glory of this creature was released. "Get back. Now. We need to move. Now!" Linet yelled, as the creature began to pick up speed. No one hesitated as they all ran towards the exit, the creature dragging itself along behind them.

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