The human race was almost destroyed. The world turned on it. The city of Keln was built, a stronghold for what little remained of the human race. They were safe. Until something stirred in the shadows.


1. It beggins.

A city. Standing tall and proud. The human race. Almost utterly destroyed. This is the story of Keln. What was thought to be the biggest city in the world. It was the only city in the world.
Many years after the 21st century, around 2434, the human race went to war with the world. This was one of their biggest mistakes. The Earth's creatures almost completely obliterated the human race. Until Keln was made. They grouped all the humans up and left them in this great city. It had high walls with no gates. The humans were trapped in there, nothing could escape, nothing could enter. The humans were trapped like the animals they had trapped years ago. The animals lived in peace in their slowly healing world. The remnants of the humans began to fade away, become ruins. All but Keln. Until, hundreds of years after it was founded, a virus spread through Keln. At first, people just fell ill. But then they began to change.

Linet wandered through Keln. The tall buildings flashing around her, cars whipped by. She put her hands in her pockets and set off home. The rapidly sinking sun struck orange light through the sky, changing the blue to a deep red. Linet stopped for a moment, gazing in wonder at the scene before her. Five ambulances, their lights flashing pure blue, tore through the streets. They screeched to a halt, just outside a house about two thirds down the street. Men came out, dressed in white clothing, gas masks pulled over their heads. The walked up to the door. One of them kicked it open and they flowed in like a river. A perimeter was being set up around the house, anyone that had been within it had to come with them. They were loaded on. After a few moments, two men came out carrying a stretcher. Even though it was covered up by a sort of foil, Linet could see something moving, struggling. This was where it stopped. The body was loaded on and the ambulances disappeared. Leaving nothing but a stunned crowd. Horrified by what she had seen, Linet turned, running, down the street. Her sandles slapping on the pave stones. Her dull brown hair flying behind her.
As Linet neared her home, she slowed. She was around fifteen streets away but she couldn't get the horrid sight out of her head. She walked, still rather fast, over to her door and began hammering on it. The street was silent. Only the rush of cars near the city centre could be heard.  Other then that... silence. It was horrible. Linet only paused for a moment, to listen, before hammering harder then ever. Her fists began to ache. Where was her mother? Her father? Her older brother? Her hammering slowed. What if they had been taken away? What if they were gone? She stopped altogether. Slumped against the wooden door. Her back slid down the old red paint. She shook her head. Tears filled her eyes. Soon her shoulders were shaking with sobs, longing for her family. But where were they?

Linet must have sat there for at least an hour. Her eyes were red and puffy, her tissue long since passed it's use. Her hands were damp, along with the bottom of her T-shirt which she had been using to make up for the lack of a clean tissue. She heard a car. Headlamps flooded the street, the white light dazzling her. It iluminated the thirteen-year-old girl. She didn't look up, her world was filled with men in white suits, searching for people to take away. Her world was still dark, her world had no light appart from the moon that had risen above her. Until she heard her mother's voice.
"Linet! There you are!" she cried, running over to Linet and embracing her. "We've been wondering where you've been, I thought we had told you to come and find me at work, we were going to go out, remember?" she asked. Linet looked up at her, tears still falling down her wet cheeks. Realisation dawned on her. Linet began scolding herself for such a childish act. Even running from the street seemed stupid now.
"I'm sorry mother, I forgot..." she said quitely, hanging her head low, causing tears to fall to the ground. Her mother cradled her in her arms, brushing Linet's hair out of her eyes.
"Sh-sh-shhh," she said softly, her tone smooth and calming, "what's the matter darling?" she asked, rocking back and forth.
"Down... down the street..." Linet murmered, bursting into fresh sobs. Her mother nodded, motioning towards the rest of Linet's familiy to come inside. The door was unlocked and Linet's mother settled down on the sofa, still cradling her. She streached out an arm, plucking a tissue from where it lay and dabbing Linet's eyes with it.
"There there," she whispered. "Now what did you see?" she asked softly.
Linet sniffed, wiping tears out of her eyes. "Down the streets... Men, white clothing... They took someone away, Mother, they took someone away!" she replied, fear gripping her heart.

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