The human race was almost destroyed. The world turned on it. The city of Keln was built, a stronghold for what little remained of the human race. They were safe.

Until something stirred in the shadows.


2. Blood and death.

I sat, staring at the TV. The image shown, a hospital room. This wasn't anything for charity. It wasn't anything good. Three doctors had just been murdered. This was the crime scene. The walls of the room were splattered with blood. So much it ran down the walls, dripping off tables and running off the windowsill. The bodies of the doctors were still there. One, leaning against a wall, another looked like he had just come into the room, and the other was slumped on the patient's bed, as if leaning over. The first, the one against the wall, had ribs pulled out, legs bent backwards and a whole manner of other injuries. The second, just coming through the door, was unrecognisable. His whole face seemed torn off. His eyes gouged out. There was barely enough blood left to bleed. And the third. The third was the worst. His chest was ripped open, long, deep scratch marks dotted his body. One of his limbs had been ripped off. Blood cover the whole thing. Then the reporter was back up. She was talking about the patient that was in the room. One of the people hit by the virus. She disappeared, and was replaced by pictures of the patient when he was last seen.
Another image of horror. Lying in that bed was not a human. I looked away before I could take in details, horrified by the whole thing. As soon as the reporter was back on, I changed the channel. No more news for me. I glanced outside, it was getting dark. Bedtime. I thought to myself, lifting off the sofa and heading towards the kitchen. I made myself some milk, and drank quickly. The cooling white substance prepared me for nothing but sleep. I dragged myself upstairs. The thought of my bed seemed so inviting. I came to my bedroom door and yanked it open. Cool air greeted me. I frowned. I hadn't left the window open... But I must have. The window was wide open, the curtains billowing in the wind. I shut it and snuggled down into the covers. I flicked the lamp off.

I must have drifted off, because I woke up in the middle of the night. But then I thought I was dreaming. I opened my eyes. I could see something in the corner. I shut my eyes again, trying to convince myself it was all in my head. After a few moments, I opened my eyes again. The thing was still there. I shivered, telling myself it was in my head.
Until it moved.

Screams raged through the air. Cold, blood-curdling screams. As people and children met their demise. Creatures lurked in the dark. Something had to be done. Emergency actions took place. The last defence for the human race. Nature had lashed out on them. So the human race had to defend its self. Planes whistled through the air. Dropping bombs. Silent bombs. When all of them had been droped, the pilots got out. The charged into the streets. Every human was outside, ready to be murdered by the creatures. Until the button was pressed. Gas and smoke spiralled out, floating around everyone and everything. They all fell. Collapsing on themselves, falling asleep. Everyone. Everywhere. Everything. Fell asleep.

And so here is where this story ends. Surely a tale would not be that simple? Not that short? You must be thinking. You are correct. But this tale does not continue straight away. No. We must travel years into the future. Further... further... To the time when all that will awaken, wake. It is now 2798. 64 years later.

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